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A partnership that has stood the test of time, saved money and reduced administrative tasks significantly.

Stan Robinson at Barker Phillips Jackson shares his experience working with isolved for the last 10 years. The main takeaway: they’ve been able to save time and reduce administrative tasks significantly.

Barker Phillips Jackson (BPJ) is the largest independent, full-service insurance agency in southwest Missouri, employing over 65 employees. Founded in 1960, this employee-owned company serves clients throughout the state of Missouri and prides itself on being a customer-focused organization. However, finding the most efficient and effective ways to serve their clients can be a challenge.

Providing Consistency Keeps Clients Satisfied

BPJ needed a way to provide their clients consistent and trustworthy service to help combat their compliance concerns. Compliance can be a struggle for most clients and BPJ needed a vendor with the knowledge and expertise to help. They were referred to isolved as a vendor ten years ago specifically for assistance Section 125 (FSA), COBRA, wrap document services and payroll. One of their employees, Stan Robinson, has been with the company since the transition and maintains that the service has only gotten better over time.

Brokers assisting clients with benefits services are often drowning in enormous amounts of paperwork and administrative responsibilities. Staying up to date on compliance regulations is time consuming and the paper trail can be costly. This is one of the larger challenges BPJ and their clients face regularly.  By working isolved, BPJ has been able to save tremendous amounts of time and reduce administrative tasks significantly. This affects not only the brokers at their agency, but their clients.

Saving Time Saves Headaches

According to Robinson, the biggest results their clients have seen are “time, money and peace of mind.” Having someone to rely on for compliance can be a complete game changer for clients. The stress and burden of staying on top of changing regulations, deadlines and remaining compliant can weigh clients down. Now that BPJ has a trusted vendor to work with, they save time and save their clients headaches. Robinson says, “The representatives we have worked with at isolved are very professional, knowledgeable and responsive to us as well as our clients.”

BPJ recently had a client looking for COBRA services not tied to a health insurance company and they were able to refer them to isolved. They were able to do a data exchange with the Employee Navigator. This is a great example of the customized solutions isolved has to offer and how it can benefit their clients. When asked if BPJ would refer isolved as a partner to other brokers, firms, or agencies, Robinson replied, “Yes, they are a great fit for our clients.”

Partnership That Stands the Test of Time

Working with isolved has taken much of the responsibility for compliance assistance off their shoulders which has provided BPJ additional time to assist clients and grow their business. Because of this, Stan reports that BPJ is happy to continue referring products to their clients as they are confident in the service they’ll receive. According to Robinson, the greatest benefit of this partnership is that “isolved is a trustworthy, consistent partner for our clients”. After ten years, BPJ has maintained that working with isolved has been a great decision and that they intend to continue referring their clients for years to come.

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