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Top Places to Work Award 2023

We support and enable our people with the skills and training to succeed in both their professional and personal life.

isolved LMS

isolved has a robust learning management software, People Heroes University. People Heroes University is incorporated into the training of new and established employees. The content varies from management training, to equity training, to specific job role training, and beyond. People Heroes University’s abundant courses can be used both in the office for career development and at home for personal development (need help with a budget spreadsheet, take a course).

Leadership Training

isolved's Leadership Training Program is focused on enabling both new and established managers with developing new skills and knowledge. The Leadership Training Program collaborates with all departments and members of the departments, from the executive to the support staff, specializing the training program topics. isolved's Leadership Training Program is a creative interactive program, learning is a hands-on experience.

Equity, Inclusion, Sensitivity Training

isolved has implemented an equity, inclusion and sensitivity training program focused on diversity of gender, age, ethnic background, cultural backgrounds, language and national origins. The training emphasizes on the different styles of thought processing and different work styles. We have created training options that fit different forms of learning from training in our robust People Heroes University, to in person training, to virtual training. Check out our Equity box on the main page.

Internal Career Growth

isolved supports and enables our employees to succeed. isolved offers a robust People Heroes University, leadership training, and equity, inclusion, and sensitivity training programs to develop skills in and out of the office. isolved encourages our employees to grow internally within our company. isolved talent identification and nurturing, our internal social network site, and in our isolved Employee Self Service site have job posting links. Just click on the link and employees are redirect to the job posting site. Career Growth is one click away.

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