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Building and managing employee shift schedules
is easier than ever.

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This robust software module allows employers to handle schedules with ease, changing, moving, and scheduling employee shifts.

Stay compliant with legal scheduling regulations, such as predictive scheduling, that are in effect in cities and states across the nation. Send instant notifications to employee when schedules are posted, rather than communicating with all staff members via email.

Now more than ever before, regular communication is essential to keep employees up-to-date on when they are scheduled to work.

High target industries for Scheduling:

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Health Care


  • Schedule permission rules: Set up rules for who is able to be assigned to a particular shift
  • Determine shift eligibility: Outline who is eligible for a shift
  • Employee unavailability: At-a-glance details of which employees are unavailable to work
  • Scheduler alert view: Instant alerts generated and visible when schedules are created and pushed live
  • Employee shift requests: Allow employees to request which shifts they want to work
  • Maintain draft status of added of edited shifts: Keep shifts in draft form as managers and supervisors edit schedules
  • Coverage requests: Allow employees to request coverage for a shift within a pool of fellow employees

With Advanced Scheduling, benefits include:

  • Improved employee accountability
  • Flexible set up for shifts and schedule parameters
  • Access to shift templates for recurring schedules
  • Fast, easy approval process for shift swapping
  • Keeping employees informed when schedules go live

Transform the way your people experience their future with you.