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Human Resources Software Simplified

No matter your industry or location, your employees are increasingly asking for more engaging, personalized workplace experiences—including anytime, anywhere access. With isolved HR, automate tedious tasks while improving HR agility and impact. Automated workflows, configurable forms and reports, and real-time access to accurate and consistent employee records enable you to reduce your administrative workload and minimize compliance risk.

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View a short video of the HR software solution's key features and request a full demo for more details.

Key Solution Features

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Streamline core HR processes by eliminating duplicate data entry and manual processes. Reduce time-to-hire and welcome new employees with a seamless recruiting and onboarding process.

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Improve compliance and mitigate risk with automatic updates to stay informed on the latest employment regulation changes.

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Generate comprehensive reports and track key analytics to provide your organization with real-time insights for better decision-making. Monitor ROI metrics to save time and optimize your use of isolved People Cloud®.

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Enable employees to better understand benefits and self-enroll in options that best match their expectations and requirements. Simplify open enrollment and life event changes.

Always-On HR Functionality

Cut down time spent answering repetitive questions by empowering employees with 24/7/365 automated responses to FAQs from your employee handbook.

Case Study

Kensington Bank

Orthopedic specialty medical practice relies on isolved to weather the evolving landscape of HR administration and employment regulations.

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Human Resources (HR) FAQs

What is human resources?

Human resources refers to the department or function within an organization that is responsible for managing and supporting its employees. It involves activities such as hiring, training, compensation, employee relations and ensuring compliance with employment laws and policies. Having the right HR functions in place can ensure that your people are happy, growing and engaged. 

What are the core components of human resources?

The core responsibilities of human resources within an organization can include:

  • Talent management 
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Learning and development 
  • Performance management 
  • Compliance and safety 
  • HR strategy, planning and more 

What does HR stand for?

HR is short for human resources. 

What is human resources software?

Human resources software centralizes employee data to connect the entire HR journey to help you streamline processes like payroll, reporting and analytics, benefits administration and more all while improving the employee experience. 

Why is HR software important?

Human resources (HR) software can play a crucial role in helping businesses simplify processes, reduce errors and improve efficiency to enable HR teams and managers to focus their efforts on more strategic tasks. HR software can also empower employees to stay connected with access to vital HR services and information via self-service capabilities anytime, anywhere.   

What makes a good HR software?

With so many options out there, finding a solution that fits your business is essential. Good HR software goes beyond functionality to act as a trusted partner, understanding your unique business needs and working with you to achieve success. It offers user-friendly features, data security, seamless integrations and insightful reporting and analytics to keep your people engaged and business running smoothly. All of this paired with industry-leading customer support guarantees you have what you need to manage your workforce effectively while creating a positive employee experience. 

What is human resource management?

Human resource management is the strategic practice of supporting and developing the employee lifecycle to maximize employee potential and contribute to organizational success. It includes functions like talent acquisition, employee performance management and employee development to create a positive work environment that drives employee satisfaction and engagement.

What are the types of HR systems?

As the responsibilities of HR departments have grown, so has their toolset. Some of the most common types of HR systems are:

  • Human resources information systems (HRIS)
  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  • Employee onboarding  
  • Performance management 
  • Human resource management system (HRMS)
  • Payroll management system 
  • Employee engagement
  • Learning management

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