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Talent Acquisition

Attract, recruit, and sign-on the most talented individuals, while helping newly hired employees become productive fast, by eliminating paperwork and redundancies from the onboarding process.

Employ, Empower, Enable – Talent Acquisition Overview.

Understand how isolved Talent Acquisition helps you find, attract, hire, and onboard the very best talent.

As the future of work continues to shift, employers must adapt and provide the tools needed to succeed. People-first talent acquisition platform that delivers a positive employee experience, reflects the culture and values of your organization, and allows you to better manage your employees is a must in every industry.

Your employees are the heart of your organization, and their satisfaction impacts more than just turnover rates. After all, culture and values are the top factors in overall employee satisfaction.





isolved People Cloud goes beyond typical human capital management (HCM) to seamlessly connect and manage the entire employee journey, starting with the hiring process. The user-friendly and intuitive technology focuses on creating a positive employee experience, all within a single and intelligently connected platform that adapts to the future of work.

The platform includes Talent Management, a suite of tools that help your organization attract, hire, onboard, and manage the best talent. Recruit and hire the best individuals for your open roles and help newly hired employees become productive fast by eliminating redundancies and paperwork from the onboarding process. It’s also easier to track WOTC eligibility and ensure compliance with hiring and other regulations.