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HR Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Automate manual HR processes to cut costs and drive productivity.

Manufacturing is core business in any economy. As organizations like yours turn to automation to gain efficiency and productivity on the line, you should also look to optimize your most prized asset: your workforce. 

How Predictive Scheduling is Changing Business

Manufacturers are experiencing an uptick in productivity and sales as employees reap the benefits of having advanced notice of their hours.

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Gain Insights into Time & Labor Management

Simplify scheduling and time tracking, manage comp time and punches, gain visibility through a single data source, and close payroll with ease.

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Engage Employees with an Adaptive Experience

From shop floor to office desk, enable self-service and streamlined access to HR tools from any work environment.

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Case Study

Insulation Supply Company

Insulation Supply Company saw the difference in customer service after switching payroll services.

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