One seriously powerful workforce management software tool for HR & payroll managers. Now with mojo.

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Payroll + HR + Benefits + Time, all in one place, anytime, from anywhere.
Now with features to boost your employee mojo.

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The Executive Dashboard allows you to gain new insights from your data.

ACA eligibility

See who is eligible for ACA coverage at a glance.


Use onboarding templates to make setting up new employees easy and organized.


Schedule your employees right through our simple scheduling interface.


Time cards show your upcoming schedules at a glance.


Deliver a better work life & transform your company. Get your employee mojo going.

Get your employee mojo going! Mojo delivers a better work life by providing tools for employees to stay connected, share ideas, seek help, and collaborate.


iSolved with Mojo includes a personalized dashboard, lively feed wall, and tools for sharing ideas and knowledge. Want to know what mojo is zipping through your organization? Use pulse surveys or crowdsource an idea with a team or the entire company. Praise team members, let your key talent achieve mojo status, and encourage collaboration, sharing, and helping.

Built from the ground up in the cloud, iSolved is cutting-edge payroll processing technology that ensures your payroll is processed efficiently, accurately and easily.


From the simplest payroll to the most complex union reporting, labor distribution, or complex tax filings, iSolved makes processing your payroll easier than you ever thought possible. That saves you time and minimizes noncompliance risks. And, you'll love the instant preview of your full payroll.

Human Resources

Manage and strengthen your workforce with highly configurable reporting and executive dashboards. Eliminate your paper HR files and streamline your HR workflows. Turn your HR department into a strategy center that is focused on building culture, improving productivity and staying ahead of workforce shifts. iSolved is the answer for all of your HR needs.

  • Training. Training has become a very important aspect in a company's structure. It is important to see who has attended training.
  • Awards, Education, and Company Assets. These items are all configurable for you to create a drop-down menu of selections that you can select for each employee.
  • Disciplinary Offenses. A disciplinary offense is a wrongdoing in your organization, either based on company policy or industry standard. With the HR functionality, you can easily create a list of all the offenses in order to track these events per employee.
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Benefits Enrollment

Benefits have never been so easy! iSolved helps smooth out the complex task of managing your workforce benefits. The iSolved enrollment process increases employee engagement, and includes checks and reporting to help smooth out the complexities of your open enrollment period.

Time and Attendance

iSolved enables you to more efficiently collect, manage, and process employee time and attendance data. Move beyond outdated time sheets and spreadsheets to process employee time and attendance with proficiency.

  • Collect time in the way that works best for you. Track time online via iSolved, from your mobile device, or with physical time clocks.
  • Scheduling is fast and efficient. Compare time worked vs. scheduled hours, and monitor attendance more easily than ever.
  • Save time and money. iSolved Time can prevent buddy punching, and completely eliminate manual time card calculations.
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