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Employee onboarding platform

Welcome your new employees to the company and get them up-and-running fast by avoiding unnecessary paperwork and cutting out lengthy processing time.

Get your newly hired employees onboard, successfully


Getting new hires immediately connected to your company in a streamlined, positive process is important to building your team and improving performance for your business.

isolved Applicant Tracking makes it easy to get your newly hired employees onboard, successfully. Eliminate paperwork and redundancy from the employee onboarding process.

  • Provide a great user experience to your new employees
  • Seamlessly manage all documentation, including I-9 forms
  • Increase data consistency
  • Avoid bottlenecks and increase efficiency

Get your employees off to a great start using the onboarding tools within isolved.

It streamlines the process and allows any new hire to enter information directly into isolved, avoiding duplicate data entry. The system also notifies the appropriate personnel and walks them through each step, task, and form that are part of your company orientation. The onboarding tools are customizable, so you can collect as little or as much information as you want.

Once onboarded, all the data moves along to time, payroll, and benefits enrollment. isolved streamlines the entire process, destroying paperwork and providing accuracy, efficiency and the tools you need to understand your workforce.

  • Personal information
  • Emergency contacts
  • Direct deposit
  • Voluntary benefits enrollment
  • W-4/I-9
  • WOTC

Within isolved Talent Acquisition, our electronic onboarding platform provides a paperless and organized workflow that allows new hires to enter their information, complete all required forms, and prepare for success in their new career.

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Provide a great user experience to your new employees while seamlessly managing all documentation, including I-9 employment verification forms.

Increase data consistency, boost efficiency, and avoid bottlenecks, all through a fully electronic system that includes e-Verify.

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How it works:

Bring on a new hire and email them a personalized onboarding link

New hire reviews and confirms their information

Everyone involved receives progress emails throughout the process

Make it easy for your HR and recruiting team.

Strengthen your workforce with top talent and bring new hires onboard seamlessly.

isolved people cloud

is the platform designed with people in mind.

This employee experience platform seamlessly manages the entire HR/employee journey, starting with the hiring and verification process, and effortlessly adapts to future-proof organizations.

Transform the way your people experience their future with you.