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Automated, Connected HR for Hospitality Managers

Finally, an HR solution that lets you focus on what matters – your guests.

The isolved platform makes HR for hospitality managers simple and easy by automating tasks such as payroll, scheduling and reporting.

Balance Hiring & Training

Move faster by automating admin tasks and reduce turnover by providing employees an opportunity for growth through a platform to get the training and gain the knowledge they need to succeed

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Reduce the Complexity of HR

The intelligently connected isolved platform makes it easy to preform HR tasks such as payroll, workforce scheduling, meeting compliance mandates and managing KPIs and goals.

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Increase Employee Engagement

Bring your company culture to life with an adaptive and seamless HCM platform that focuses on creating an engaging and collaborative atmosphere for your workforce.

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Employ, enable, and empower your hospitality workforce.

Tracking attendance and hours worked, managing employee schedules and ensuring compliance with regulations are just a few of the tasks that challenge hospitality workers and take many hours each week. isolved is an employee-focused platform that provides a seamless connection throughout the entire employee journey.

  • Integrated application tracking and paperless electronic onboarding to quickly attract top talent and improve time to value
  • Performance-ready mobile app to give your staff easy access and self-service control
  • Easy punch in and out, along with punch rules, to make time management in your healthcare service even easier
  • Full, automated real-time ACA reporting and dashboards to review status and activity
  • HR tracking certifications, skills, expiry emails & notifications
  • Comprehensive OSHA, tracking, management and fully formatted reporting, with roles-based access
  • Attendance management, workforce scheduling, and reporting
  • Powerful Scheduling to make it easier to manage shifts, and schedule based on certifications or teams
  • Additional shift management for on call shifts and automated rules to manage shift differentials
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