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Learning Management System

Empower employees to learn and grow by offering a full performance and learning management system, complete with dozens of courses that offer learners an on-demand and contextually relevant experience.

Add the full Learning Management System in isolved People Cloud to transform the way your employees learn.

isolved gives you the power of an LMS integrated within your employee experience platform. Human Resources professionals, supervisors, and team leaders can create and track online training, as well as assign courses and paths, all personalized for your business and delivered across your entire workforce. Learning is self-paced, includes engaging gamification elements, and improves employee job performance by educating employees with learning that's tailored to your organization and goals.

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The isolved University interface is visually intuitive and makes learning accessible for everyone. Certificates sync to isolved so employees can show off what they've learned.

It's easy to upload your own content to the LMS system and provide easy-to-use courses across your entire organization. Create your own paths and certifications that meet the needs of your organization with the isolved Learning Management System. No need for an additional solution; you now have a powerful LMS that's already integrated with your isolved payroll platform.

Bring together learning in one LMS platform that is part of the connected platform – delivered anytime, anywhere.

  • Includes short videos, gamification, and intuitive navigation for an enjoyable user experience.
  • Improve your employees' job performance by educating them with learning that is tailored to your organization.
  • Use learning to improve employee engagement, provide professional development, upgrade technical skills, and improve compliance.
  • Create teams and assign courses based on roles and responsibilities. It's also easy to create custom courses that are specific to a certain team within your organization.
  • isolved Employee Learning Management System provides access to an extensive library of additional courses on pertinent topics, some of which are available in multiple languages.

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Create your own paths and certifications that meet the needs of your organization

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Easily view all of your own custom courses alongside our premade content in the Learning Management System.

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This powerful LMS allows you to use any of our existing 150 industry-standards-compliant eLearning courses within your own custom classroom.

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Organize your courses into custom course paths that give your employees an educational plan to follow.


Easy to access and view reports and dashboards.

Custom Content

Upload your own customized content and sessions, tailored to your business and industry.

Continued Education

Make sure your employees are up-to-date in courses that are important for their jobs.

Salary Management

Create your own quizzes and certifications for improved engagement.

Guided Education

Configure your own paths and reward employees as they go.

Consumable Content

Online, right-sized content that's easy for employees to consume.

Effective Gamification

Uses rewards and recognition to encourage adoption and continued use.

Pre-built Courses

Add on a library of 150+ pre-built compliance and business courses.