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Reach Your Strategic Goals with AI for HR

Seventy-five percent of human resources (HR) leaders think artificial intelligence (AI) will have a positive impact on their business. 1

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Optimize your processes and reach your goals through AI-enabled HR solutions

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How Will isolved’s AI Enhance Your HR?

isolved’s AI-Enhanced Solutions

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Attract & Hire

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Simplify recruitment and find best-fit employees to grow your team.

With the help of generative AI, write job descriptions designed to entice the right employees for your open positions, reducing time-to-hire. AI-powered candidate matching will rank candidates based on how well their skills and experience align to open job listings. Gain insights to improve your hiring processes as you continue building your team.

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Conversational Virtual Assistant

Simplify Access to Information

Ease workflows and offer helpful chatbots for fast, accurate HR answers.

HR professionals estimate that they spend four or more hours per day answering repetitive questions.2 Improve the experience for HR teams and employees by providing access to automated, accurate information when they need it. Employees can ask questions and complete HR tasks with a helpful AI chatbot, freeing up your HR team to prioritize other tasks.

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Learn & Grow

Provide Personalized Learning

Easily build individual learning paths to develop your team.

Investing in the development of your employees drives continued growth for your company. Leverage a library of over 85,000 courses with built-in AI searchability and chatbot support to help your employees grow their skills and drive continuous learning, all while keeping your employees motivated and your unique needs met.

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Benchmark Insights

Reveal Valuable Team Insights

Curate and compare tenure, turnover and salary data across your company and industry.

Retaining top employees is a top concern among HR leaders today. Gaining knowledge on both your internal workforce and industry can be key in creating experiences that keep employees engaged. Access powerful, AI-enabled insights to help you discover what you’re doing right and how you can improve your HR strategies to grow your business.

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Predictive People Analytics

Prepare for Future HR Trends

Make informed decisions and retain top talent with AI-powered insights.

Identifying trends for the future of HR is an important strategy for business leaders who want to keep their employees engaged and their business thriving. Predict what’s coming and make data-driven decisions for your workforce. Use AI-powered analytics to identify opportunities to enhance employee satisfaction, improve retention rates and visualize your future workforce.

Expanding Our AI Toolbox

Additional AI-powered solutions will soon be available through isolved People Cloud™. Stay tuned for more details. 

Perfect Payroll™

Catch payroll errors before they occur, yielding improved accuracy, compliance and time savings.

Better Benefits™

Simplify the benefits experience with AI-based recommendations for smart health plan choices.

Analytics Everywhere™

Leverage ROI and KPI dashboards to enhance decision making with real-time insights.

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isolved AI Ethics Policy

isolved is committed to providing the most advanced AI and analytics for business leaders and delivering so in a compliant, ethical fashion. As new use cases emerge, we update our AI Ethics Policy which is available in our Trust Center.

Read the AI Ethics Policy here.
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“When I worked as an HR leader, one of the hardest things was getting enough useful insight from our HCM systems to be able to make decisions. isolved Predictive People Analytics solution gives companies a chance to see historical trends, future projections and the current state of dozens of different types of metrics. This is going to make HR leaders more strategic business partners—period.”
Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory
“isolved's Conversational Virtual Assistant is very easy to use! You can ask questions as well as get answers to those questions. It can also help you complete HR tasks when you get a quick response and do not have to wait long periods of time.”
Jonathan, Roto-Rooter Plumbing, Conversational Virtual Assistant Customer
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AI in HR – Masterclass

Want to fix payroll errors, automate processes and develop programs quickly? Quell your fears over AI and learn the best ways to utilize it to your advantage. Hear from Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory Ben Eubanks as he covers AI, why it matters and how to leverage the benefits for your organization.

Watch the Webinar

How Do Employees See AI?

71% of employees are open to using AI or similar capabilities at work.

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AI and HR
Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI be used for HR?

AI can significantly enhance HR functions by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as resume screening, interview scheduling and employee onboarding. AI-powered tools can analyze large datasets to provide actionable insights, helping HR managers make data-driven decisions. For example, AI systems can predict employee turnover, identify skills gaps, and recommend personalized learning and development paths. This not only improves the efficiency of HR operations but also enhances the employee experience by providing more customized and timely support. 

isolved leverages AI capabilities to streamline HR processes and reduce the burden on HR teams. With AI-driven solutions like predictive analytics, teams can easily forecast future HR trends, enabling better workforce planning and employee retention strategies. Plus our conversational AI solution (Conversational Virtual Assistant) can assist employees in real time without needing to reach out to HR and wait for a response. isolved is continuing to find ways to integrate AI technology into our platform to ensure organizations can optimize their HR practices and focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth and engagement. 

Discover 5 ways AI-enabled scheduling boosts productivity while banishing burnout.

Is AI replacing HR? 

AI is not replacing HR but rather enhancing its capabilities. AI technology assists HR departments by automating administrative tasks, allowing HR professionals to focus more on strategic decision-making and employee engagement. For instance, AI-driven tools can handle resume screening, interview scheduling, and onboarding processes, which frees up time for HR managers to concentrate on more complex functions that require a human touch, such as one-on-one time for career development and employee performance management. 

AI adoption in HR systems helps streamline workflows and provides valuable insights into workforce data. Predictive analytics can forecast future trends, while natural language processing enables more efficient communication through chatbots and messaging apps. These AI-powered tools support HR functions by improving efficiency, enhancing the candidate and employee experience, and enabling HR teams to make data-driven decisions that benefit the entire organization. 

If you are still concerned about the role of AI in HR, watch this on-demand webinar to help you make informed decisions about incorporating AI technology into your HR functions. 

What are the risks of AI in HR? 

One of the main risks of AI in HR is the potential for bias in decision-making processes. AI algorithms are trained on historical data, which can contain unconscious biases present in previous hiring and evaluation practices. This can lead to biased outcomes in areas such as candidate sourcing, performance reviews and career development. Ensuring diverse and unbiased datasets is essential to mitigate this risk and promote fair HR practices. 

Another significant risk is the potential loss of the human touch in HR interactions. While AI can handle administrative tasks and provide quick responses to employee queries, it cannot replace the empathy and understanding that human HR professionals bring to the table. Over-reliance on AI tools could lead to a decrease in employee engagement and satisfaction if employees feel that their concerns are not being addressed by a real person. Balancing AI use with human interaction is crucial to maintaining a positive employee experience. 

What is the future impact of AI in HR? 

AI in HR will significantly change how organizations manage their workforce. Automation of tasks like resume screening, job postings and candidate outreach will make the recruitment process more efficient. AI tools can analyze candidate profiles to match them with job openings, enhancing the candidate experience and streamlining talent acquisition. Additionally, AI can provide insights into employee data, helping HR departments monitor performance, manage career paths and optimize the employee lifecycle. 

As AI HR tools become more advanced and customizable, technologies like ChatGPT can offer real-time support to HR teams and employees, making processes more user-friendly. AI-driven analytics will help summarize metrics and identify trends, aiding in strategic planning. For example, AI can predict the need for upskilling and reskilling by analyzing learning experiences and training programs, helping employees adapt to evolving roles. With AI integrated into HR software and technology, organizations can enhance talent management, improve employee engagement and create more efficient HR practices. 

Watch our on-demand webinar to see how AI is driving the future of HR.

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