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Our commitment to ethical practices is central to our business.

AI Ethics Statement

isolved’s investment in artificial intelligence (AI) is shaped by our drive to reduce the workload of HR professionals, enable self-service access to essential information, and help ensure a better workplace for today and tomorrow.

Our commitment to ethical practices is central to our business and the support of our customers and partners. As a result, our development in all areas, including AI, has at its heart a belief in an unbiased, ethical workplace that improves both business efficiency and employee experience.

We regard the ethical use of technology as a core value, and we review and evaluate our development continually with that goal in mind. We are committed to transparency in the use of AI and educating our customers on the advantages and considerations when using AI in business.

As a member of the American Payroll Association (APA) and National Payroll Reporting Consortium (NPRC), isolved collaborates with other payroll service providers and government agencies to monitor requirements, achieve compliance and maintain best practices.

In support of the ethical use of AI, isolved’s commitments include:


We regard privacy as essential. Our privacy policy extends to everything we do within the realm of AI, and we will communicate clearly and transparently how information is used to help ensure we are always meeting the high standards to which our customers rightfully hold us.


We will continue to seek out and follow best practices in the field of ethical AI and will similarly seek out and incorporate feedback from our customers, partners, and a range of third-party experts in this area.


We remain committed to an unbiased, diverse workplace and we will always seek to ensure that any use of AI supports and defends the highest standards of diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging.


We are clear and direct in our use of AI. We indicate where AI is used in our platform and we inform users and partners clearly and transparently when we use AI, how it is used, and what the outcomes are for.

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