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Talent Management

Employees increasingly want more purpose and culture from their employers, leaving HR managers to look to the future of work and build stronger cultures within their organizations. The employees are the heart of any business, and their satisfaction impacts productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Employ, Empower, Enable – Empowering your employees to connect, engage, and deliver their best.

isolved is designed to be the hub and heartbeat of the organization. Our Talent Management solution empowers organizations to promote employee engagement and bring your company culture to life.

Organizations that invest in employee experience have over 4x the profit and 2x the revenue than companies that don't. Employees with higher engagement levels outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share (EPS).

Your company can't afford to ignore engagement and its importance in the workplace. You need people-first technology that delivers a positive employee experience and reflects the culture of your organization. Enter isolved People Cloud, an adaptive and seamless HCM platform that focuses on creating an engaging and collaborative atmosphere for your workforce.

Empower your employees to share, perform, learn, and grow with Talent Management tools designed to delight your people. Increase engagement while reducing turnover, promote peer-to-peer collaboration and feedback, and move quickly from goals to achieving culture and purpose.

isolved also includes a full learning management system as part of its employee engagement tools, allowing your employees to get the training and gain the knowledge they need to succeed. Support and encourage your rising stars as they work toward career advancement.