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HR & Payroll

Say goodbye to disparate systems and clunky integrations and hello to making informed decisions. isolved HR & Payroll enables you to add more value with less redundancy, fewer errors, decreased risk, and deeper analytics. By accessing, sharing, and analyzing data within isolved People Cloud, turn your HR function into a strategic business driver.

Key Solution Features

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With integrated time-tracking and multiple options for direct deposit, pay cards, tax filing and self-service access, isolved Payroll is a comprehensive solution for managing all your payroll needs.

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Human Resources

Compensate your workforce while securely storing data across the employee lifecycle. isolved Human Resources eliminates paper files, streamlines HR workflows, and reduces errors and inefficiencies.  

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Benefits Enrollment & Administration

Easily set up and administer employee benefits to drive self-service enrollment and election changes. Deliver a simple benefits experience to attract and retain top talent.

isolved Adaptive Employee Experience

Consistent, easy, and accessible from any platform—simple access to all the information your employees and HR team need.

Case Study

Milestone Retirement Communities

40-Site Milestone Retirement Communities Solves for Complexities, Compliance with isolved People Cloud

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HR & Payroll FAQs

What are HR and payroll software? 

Human Resources (HR) software primarily focuses on managing various aspects of the employee lifecycle. It creates engaging and personalized workplace experiences for employees, providing the tools and information they need during recruitment and beyond.   

Payroll software manages employee compensation, including wages, deductions, benefits, and more. It ensures that you accurately calculate earnings, process payments, and comply with tax laws. 

 How do HR and payroll work together?  

HR and payroll create a cohesive employee compensation experience. With access to key employee data across functions, employers can more efficiently calculate wages, deductions, and taxes while administering benefits and generating pay-related reports. By combining HR and payroll processes, businesses can ensure accurate payroll processing, compliance, and effective management of employee compensation. 

 Why is online HR payroll software essential for every business? 

Online software can simplify payroll processing by eliminating disparate systems to provide one place for easy access to all payroll-related information. By replacing manual procedures with an easy-to-use solution, your HR team can ensure payroll accuracy and automation while boosting employee experience with self-service access to personal data and compensation information. 

 Does payroll fall under HR or finance? 

Payroll spans both human resources and finance functions within a business. HR typically manages employee data and ensures that payroll information is accurate, whereas finance is responsible for processing payroll, managing employee payments, and maintaining pay-related records. 

What size organization is best suited for isolved’s HR and payroll software?  

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from HR and payroll software. With a focus on small to mid-sized organizations, isolved's HR & payroll software is specifically tailored to support your organization in transforming your HR processes to increase productivity and make more informed business decisions. 

 How much does HR and payroll software cost? 

HR and payroll software costs can differ significantly depending on your business size, industry, and HR needs. When selecting a human resources software provider, evaluating the level of support and connectivity offered with their services is crucial. 

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