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Attract and Hire

Streamline your hiring with customizable solutions built to help you optimize every stage of your recruiting process. Whether you want to scale your team quickly, source remote candidates or reach diverse talent, isolved Attract & Hire gives you the technology to find the best-fit candidates for your open roles.

Make Smarter Hiring Decisions

With isolved Attract & Hire, you can dive head-first into tasks that need a human touch and automate the manual tasks that don’t. Automatically post your open positions to best-in-class job boards, pre-screen candidates with questionnaires, and schedule interviews easily with integrated calendars without all the back and forth. Save time for the things that matter the most while making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Attract Qualified Talent

Post your open position to 4,000+ job boards in a single click and leverage employee referrals. Branded career sites and mobile-optimized applications ensure a seamless candidate experience.

Stay Top of Mind

Nurture candidates by staying in touch right inside the candidate profile. Easily communicate every step of the way with one-click email templates, assessments, and interview scheduling.

Hire at Scale

Move faster by automating admin tasks. Reduce time to hire by collaborating with team members and scoring candidates for fast feedback.

Access Actionable Insights

Inform and improve your hiring process with robust reporting. Pre-built reporting means you can make better hiring decision in less time.

Effortlessly attract top qualified candidates and create a streamlined candidate experience for optimized talent retention.