Collaboration, surveys, and 360 feedback

isolved People Cloud encourages collaboration and feedback throughout your organization

isolved provides multi-directional engagement that starts with the employee

Employees want tools that help them stay connected, share ideas, seek help, and collaborate. Employers want to improve productivity, find, retain, and develop top talent, and reward innovation and success.

isolved People Cloud delivers a modern experience by design through a connected platform that empowers your culture and delights your people.

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Why use isolved Collaboration, Surveys & 360 Feedback?

It includes unique features for your workforce:

  • A lively feed wall to stay aligned across functions and locations while talking, collaborating, and keeping up with colleagues and projects.
  • A personalized dashboard that keeps the most important information right where you need it.
  • Pulse surveys, designed to find out what a specific individual, group, or function is thinking and feeling about a particular situation or project.
  • Crowdsourcing ideas and watching as good ones take off and go viral with up votes from the entire organization.
  • Tools to share ideas and knowledge with other employees across the organization.
  • 360 feedback, allowing you to seek input from all directions, including those inside and outside your company and up and down in the reporting structure.

Meet employees where they are with consumer-grade technology and mobile-first experiences. Retain your best talent and reduce employee turnover and associated costs by increasing employee satisfaction through encouragement and recognition tools.

Much of your customers’ experience (and therefore, your business success) is dependent on your employees’ experience.

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Employ, enable, and empower your workforce with a comprehensive employee experience platform.

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