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Supporting Those Who Serve - Military Makeover: Operation Career

People are at the heart of what isolved does – and that includes our own employees. We’re honored to have participated in Lifetime’s Military Makeover: Operation Career to highlight our military employees and showcase our core values of teamwork, integrity and trust.

We believe that our diverse workforce is part of what makes us great. Military veterans and spouses are often an overlooked talent pool that possesses a wide range of transferable skills and qualities.

As part of our commitment to hiring military veterans, reservists and spouses, isolved started the Honor & Service employee resource group (ERG), which is dedicated to supporting employees in these groups.

Military Makeover: Operation Career with Montel Williams featured isolved, highlighting members of our Honor & Service group. Listen to their experiences as part of the military community as well as their transitions into civilian life.

Growing up in a military family, I saw firsthand the sacrifices that veterans and their families make to serve – during and after their careers in the service. As an employer, isolved is dedicated to ensuring that veterans, reservists and military spouses have what they need to succeed in the workforce, which is why we started the Honor & Service employee resource group (ERG) over two years ago.

— Amy Mosher, Chief People Officer at isolved

amy mosher

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