Data Integration & Audit

Integrating with third party vendors for 401K and benefit carriers can be an enormous time saver for human resources and payroll departments. With Data Integration & Audit, choose up to three connections to integrate. Additionally, this bundle includes a load and balance of historical data beyond the standard package, along with detailed error resolution services.

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Change isn’t always easy, but iSolved makes it easier and more accurate. Data Integration & Audit includes a variety of features designed to simplify the transition to iSolved, including historical payroll data, balanced in-quarter data, and connections with up to three carriers for streamlined processes.

With this addition, our iSolved team will load and balance historical data beyond the standard implementation process, as well as provide detailed error resolution services. Get a clear view into past data and any changes that need to be made to prevent errors in the future.

Integration Options

Data integration options, including 401k, benefit carrier fields, and/or GL

No Data Duplication

Eliminate data duplication since all information is stored in iSolved


Communicate necessary events and data accurately and on time


A detailed view into your historical payroll data


Fully balanced data for up to the past 12 months


Keep your company on track with reporting requirements


Simplified tax filings