Premium Reporting

With iSolved, you’ll get access to impressive standard reporting features that help you track the basics for your organization.

If you want more, the Premium Reporting add-on makes it easy to pull detailed reports and view important data at a glance. Adding this add-on gives you access to more reports and a brand-new feature, iSolved View!

premium reporting technology wheel

Intelligence, simplified.

Every iSolved customer receives access to impressive reporting features, making it easy to see data at-a-glance. But if you have fumbled with report scripting, writing SQL statements or searching for obtuse field labels all in a quest to view your HR and payroll information in the format you want, then the Premium Reporting add-on is the game changer you’ve waited for.

The iSolved Premium Reporting add-on puts the power in your hands. Build formulas without crafting out complex mathematical statements. Simply choose and click. Build a formula in under a minute with confidence!

iSolved Report Writer

Build hundreds of reports and print them instantly to view data anytime you need it.

iSolved View (Coming Soon!)

With iSolved View, you can run data analytics across your company, and compare how your organization stacks up against other similar organizations.