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Human Resources

iSolved human resources is the technology that empowers organizations to do more. It spans the entire employee life cycle, provides insight to your workforce and drives performance.

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HR Technology Wheel

Manage and strengthen your workforce with highly configurable reporting and executive dashboards. Eliminate your paper HR files and streamline your HR workflows. Turn your HR department into a strategy center that is focused on building culture, improving productivity and staying ahead of workforce shifts. iSolved is the answer for all of your HR needs.


Training has become a very important aspect in a company's structure. It is important to see who has attended training.

  • Track mandated training requirements
  • Make promotion decisions
  • ROI on costs associated with training, including actual cost of time away from work

iSolved training can give you reports to analyze all of these through the training functionality in the HR module.

Awards, Education, and Company Assets

These items are all configurable for you to create a drop-down menu of selections that you can select for each employee. Awards might assist you in tracking employee of the month, while the education portion could be for continuing education or even job-specific education needed. Company assets allows you to track items given to employees, such as company vehicles, keys, and even laptops.

Disciplinary Offenses

A disciplinary offense is a wrongdoing in your organization, either based on company policy or industry standard. With the HR functionality, you can easily create a list of all the offenses in order to track these events per employee.

PTO/Vacation Accrual Management

Employees have access to accrual and PTO data anytime.

Employee Self Service

Improve HR efficiency by providing self-service tools to your staff.

Job History

Maintain accurate and accessible records for every employee.

Salary Management

Manage salary and benefits status and history.

Track Certifications

Manage performance reviews and training history right through iSolved.

With iSolved all your most common HR tasks are right at your fingertips.


Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard allows you to gain new insights from your data.

Benefit Summary

Every employee has access to a benefits summary view.

ACA Eligibility

See who is eligible for ACA coverage at a glance.

OSHA Incidents

Document OSHA Incidents and other employee records to ensure your compliance.

Employee Messages

Provide employee notices directly through iSolved.

Client Landing Page

Require electronic signature verification for important notices.

Employee Welcome

Employees log in to a handy dashboard welcome screen.

Today's human resource professionals need all the advantages they can get. iSolved will help:

  • Ensure your compliance.
  • Increase employee engagement and participation.
  • Share employee data between all departments.

Transform the way you manage your most important asset — your people.

The iSolved Difference

iSolved is the perfect fit for small-to-mid-sized companies. We believe this size of company deserves one comprehensive human capital management solution to not only navigate today's business compliance maze, but to also efficiently handle complex workforce management needs.