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Analyst Evaluation: NelsonHall Names isolved a Payroll Leader

isolved is recognized as a Leader in the NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) for Payroll Services 2023 with Digital Payroll Capability. Powerful predictive analytics and the ability to scale to clients’ needs contributed to NelsonHall’s positioning of isolved as a Leader for Digital Payroll. Additional strengths of isolved highlighted in the evaluation include:  

  • Technology Innovation Commitment: The authors note isolved’s strong vision, commitment and continuous investments in advancing its technology innovation. 
  • SMB Expertise: With a large client base and expertise in the small- and medium-sized business (SMB) market, the evaluation highlights isolved’s capabilities for this business segment. 
  • Data-Driven Offerings: Empowering organizations to make informed decisions regarding salary, turnover, tenure and more, the evaluation details isolved’s offerings to support data-driven payroll, benefits and HR practices. 
  • In-House Expertise: NelsonHall notes that isolved maintains an in-house team of tax, legal, and compliance experts dedicated to providing U.S. clients with comprehensive support in navigating complex payroll and compliance challenges. 
  • Cloud-Native HCM Technology Platform: The report further spotlights isolved People Cloud, built on a single database and code-line to streamline HR processes. 

Download the evaluation to read NelsonHall’s assessment! 

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“isolved is a Leader in the Digital Payroll Capability market segment for its ongoing innovation, advanced predictive analytics and responsive customer service. isolved brings to the market one of the leading analytics capabilities supporting target setting and alternatives guidance, and its customer services are becoming more digitally enabled through embedding into collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams.” 

~ Liz Rennie, NelsonHall’s HR Technology & Services Research Director

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