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Realize time and cost savings with more authentic and accurate time tracking data.

The NXG G7 offers true plug and play functionality, superior flexibility and advanced features.

NXG G7 Time Clock Features

Keeping in step with your evolving employee time and attendance needs, the new NXG-G7 delivers advanced time tracking you can count on. It boasts a convenient large 7-inch touch screen with kiosk features going beyond view only activities like viewing their time off balance. Now they can also submit time off requests, enhancing the employee experience.

Plus, the NXG-G7 is extremely configurable to serve your specific needs. It’s equipped to support traditional swipe card, proximity reader, power over the internet, key code entry, and a touchpad with UV clean lights to help you cover all your bases.

nxg g7 time clock
  • Large 7.0" Color Touch Display LCD Keypad

    Helps promote employee engagement by making it easier and more gratifying to interact with.

  • Advanced Kiosk Features

    To complement viewing time off balances, your employees can now submit time off requests directly from the clock.

  • Relay Control

    Programmed with door control and bell buzzer relays and supports up a total of 32 relay events.

  • Multi-Functional Punch Screen

    Ensures adherence to your schedule restrictions preventing unauthorized punches each time your employees punch in/out for shifts, breaks and meals.

Clock Specifications

Right out of the box, NXG G7 is ready to go to work for you. Simply add it to your isolved Time system and it will automatically download configuration and validation tables.

Touch Screen

  • Large 7.0" Color Touch Display LCD Keypad
  • Identification Mode: For Touchpad option (finger scanner)
  • Magnetic Swipe Cards
  • Barcode Cards


  • Optional touchpad (finger scanner)
  • Identification mode (default)
  • Proximity Cards
  • Bar code (3 or 9) or Magnetic badges (tracks 1 or 2)
  • Proximity (HID 125 KHz (Indala and compatible cards)
  • HID 13.56 MHz (iClass and compatible cards)

Intuitive User Interface

  • Utilizes screen colors and audio alerts to indicate successful and unsuccessful transactions
  • Facilitates employee time off requests directly from the clock
  • Convenient employee schedule views - current day and up to four future schedule blocks
  • Speaker


  • Ethernet, Ceullular and Wifi
  • Aux. Input: USB Ports (2)
  • Proximity Cards
  • Bar code (3 or 9) or Magnetic badges (tracks 1 or 2)
  • Supports external bar code scanners, external keyboard, flash drives (for transport of punch data to host in case of network failure

Stay Connected

  • USB Ports

    The NXG G7 has two USB 2.0 ports with support for external keyboards, scanners and flash drives.

  • Wifi

    When you can't have a wired connection, use a fast wireless wifi connection to communicate.

  • Ethernet

    Fast 10/100MB RJ45 Ethernet port for wired setups.

  • Ethernet

    Optional cellular modem with add on card.


NXG G7 Features