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We help to ensure regulatory compliance and practice operational risk management.

isolved understands that the products and services we offer including isolved People Cloud™ fall under various local, state and federal statutes and regulations, and may be subject to compliance requirements and audits.

Therefore, we implement a strong regulatory Compliance Program containing policies and procedures founded on solid compliance controls that correct, prevent, detect and mitigate compliance violations. Our controls are subject to annual SOC audits and our policies and procedures are regularly reviewed, tested and updated by our Compliance Department.

Compliance - Our Compliance Program specifically takes into account Federal and state privacy and security laws, including HIPAA as amended by HITECH, GLBA and CPRA, as well as Federal and state financial services and employment laws.

The isolved Compliance Program is carefully tailored to help us support the needs of our customers. It contains numerous features and performs multiple critical regulatory, security and privacy risk management functions, including:

  • Periodic Risk Assessments
  • Knowledgeable and Empowered Chief Compliance Officer– supported by a strong corporate culture of compliance, state-of-the-art regulatory monitoring tools, and credentialed regulatory, security and privacy experts
  • Policies and Procedures - based on applicable law and industry best practices, regularly updated, tested and rigorously enforced
  • Stringent Training Requirements - for all employees
  • Monitoring Mechanisms – including the isolved Compliance Committee, accountable to the isolved Board of Directors
  • Forensic Testing and Audit
  • Oversight of the isolved Code of Conduct – our business ethics requirements

Our team works continuously to stay up to date, comply with the latest regulations, maintain best-in-class certifications, and is guided by the highest of industry standards, including the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework to ensure that you and your customers are protected whenever using isolved People Cloud.

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