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Trust Center > Fraud Prevention

Criminals work hard to steal data and disrupt services but isolved works tirelessly to reduce risk at all touch-points.

The danger of fraud is growing, and its impact to a company's revenue and reputation and an individual's livelihood can be significant, even devastating.

As criminals become more innovative and determined in their efforts to infiltrate infrastructure and systems in order to steal confidential information and detrimentally disrupt services, isolved will also continue to work tirelessly to reduce fraud risk at all points in our product and service lifecycles.

We maintain strong controls, state-of-the-art monitoring mechanisms and savvy financial processing expertise to detect threats and contain fraud risk. By identifying evolving fraud trends, stopping known exploits, closing gaps and reducing harmful financial impacts, we help keep customers safe while using our systems.

And as fraud methods continue to evolve in complexity, from credit card and serial number issues to counterfeit sales or illegitimate payments, we use sophisticated monitoring to minimize the impacts of fraud on our business and most importantly on our customers.

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