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Pleasing Clients with a Robust and Affordable COBRA Solution


When COBRA was introduced in 1986, isolved entered the market to help businesses navigate the nuances of the law. More than 35 years later, isolved is still one of the largest providers of COBRA—among other benefit administration services—nationwide.

Insurance professionals partner with isolved to help their clients efficiently manage their workforces while saving money. And COBRA administration continues to be a leading service offered. Brown & Brown, the fifth largest independent insurance brokerage in the nation, is an example of an agency that leverages isolved’s COBRA solution.

Brown & Brown develops comprehensive benefit programs to help their clients remain competitive in the hunt for talent and achieve organizational goals, while managing rising healthcare costs. They began introducing isolved’s COBRA services in 2022. At that time, many of their clients were using a free COBRA service that was connected directly to their medical plan coverage, but it was only specific to one carrier. Despite being practical, this option wasn’t cost effective since the employer would have to pay for the expense of COBRA administration services when a group would need to transition away from that carrier.

A sensible solution

According to Lauren Kamp, Benefits Consultant at Brown & Brown, isolved offers a sensible solution for her clients. “isolved provides a robust COBRA administration service at an affordable price point, and couples that with a seamless and simple implementation.”

In addition to the ease of implementation and consistent price point, Kamp cites the ability to integrate with Employee Navigator as one of the key benefits of partnering with isolved. “Our clients enjoy a cost savings and COBRA administration is now a seamless process if a client is integrated with Employee Navigator.”

Superior service

The team at Brown & Brown prides itself on its ability to deliver innovative solutions and superior service. So, when a client reaches out at the last minute, they want to help. According to Kamp, isolved enables them to do so. “We have had several COBRA implementations performed after the client's renewal effective date and isolved has always been able to retroactively implement the service. It is wonderful to know that when you're in a bind, isolved will be there to assist, rather than to add more stress and complications to your plate.”

When asked what the future holds for the partnership, Kamp responds “As our Employee Benefits book of business grows and expands, I see our partnership with isolved growing and expanding as well, given the consistent price point, cost savings and ease of implementation that your services provide.”

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