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Streamlined, Scalable HR Platform Benefits Physician Services Organization

Payroll is a top concern of many organizations—not only for administrators, but employees too. Clunky, unreliable payroll can mean wasted time and risk of errors for businesses. This can result in low employee satisfaction and poor retention. According to 55% of today’s employees, payroll errors are a top reason why they’d start looking for a new job.

To keep top talent, finding a reliable, easy-to-use payroll system is key—especially when a business has a complex employee base. This was the case for Utah-based CarePoint Network, Inc., which is a multifaceted physician services organization designed to assist physicians and other healthcare providers by providing access to streamlined insurance and benefits packages as well as handling corporate taxes, billing, accounts payable and receivable and more. With 50 employees, their team is made up of primarily full-time, hourly and salaried positions.

Simplifying Payroll Processes

In 2012, Office Administrator Kimber Johnson joined the team and knew from experience that their then payroll provider, Paychex, was causing too many issues for their company. Their previous payroll administrator often ran into errors that resulted in incorrect checks for their employees.

“She was so frustrated with payroll in general, she couldn’t even think straight,” Johnson said.

With several years’ experience handling payroll under her belt, Johnson started the process of finding a new provider and eventually landed on isolved for CarePoint’s payroll needs.

“The one thing that I just loved with isolved from the very beginning was I could go in there, key everything in and then I could view everything before processing. And that wasn’t something that was offered through Paychex,” she said.

After 12 years with isolved, Johnson says she never encounters errors in payroll and has saved the business significant time during processing each month.

“The person before me was totally overwhelmed by payroll. She didn’t have time. She was falling behind on all the other things. I did payroll yesterday all the way through invoicing our clients, everything. That used to take her a week,” Johnson said.

Finding Best-Fit Benefits and Administration

In addition to payroll, CarePoint also leverages isolved’s benefits packages for its employees—allowing their clients access to competitive benefits and insurance across several clinics and healthcare organizations.

While payroll software and benefits have been helpful for the organization, Johnson also says she appreciates isolved’s flexible administration structure. Unlike many providers, she can handle administration of payroll and benefits, which eliminates extra fees.

“I knew I could set up payroll and benefits on my own and isolved allowed me to do that. They didn’t say, ‘Oh no you have to pay us to do it. You have to give us all the information and then we do it.’ I go in there, I do that. That saves our company money,” Johnson said.

CarePoint Network, Inc. recently took on two new clients. As they continue to grow, Johnson’s top goal is to keep experience streamlined and accurate for their clients. When asked why she recommends isolved, Johnson cites the system’s ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

“It’s easy. Anybody can do it. And a lot of systems are not that easy. And you guys are very cost efficient where we are now. I tell people that all the time,” Johnson said.

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