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Enabling an Extreme Employee Experience with isolved HR Services


Without automation, new employee onboarding and benefits enrollment can be tedious, time-consuming tasks. For organizations that lack automation and a dedicated HR professional, they’re nearly impossible to get right.

CCS Technology Group (CCS), an Illinois-based IT managed services firm with 25 employees, was getting by managing these processes without an in-house HR staff member. During COIVD, their paper-heavy approach was put to the challenge. Since employees were not in the office, they were not able to complete the necessary paperwork. That’s when it became clear a new solution was needed.

isolved HR Services Maximizes Technology

As a provider of IT support and management services—from maintaining computer systems to managing hardware/software upgrades, CCS plays a critical role in keeping their clients’ business operations running smoothly. Creating an experience that attracts talented and productive employees is essential to maintaining their high standard of customer service.

At that time, CCS was using isolved People Cloud for payroll processing. According to Tony Hotko, Partner and CEO of CCS, the team was interested in further leveraging the technology. “The most effective approach in our minds to was to tap into the knowledge of the HR Services team to build policies and practices wrapped around the technology.”

CCS has a company pillar—Extreme Customer Satisfaction. They chose isolved because they were looking for a solution that could mirror that with an Extreme Employee Experience.  “We needed HR expertise and a true partner that would help guide us in our journey. After spending time with HR Services in our initial discussions, it became clear they would be the right HR partner for us,” said Hotko.

Introducing their New “Head of HR”

Recognizing the need to have a dedicated HR Business Partner, Hotko and his team selected the Elite tier of isolved HR Services. According to Hotko, “with the guidance and handholding of our new “Head of HR” we’ve tackled a lot of initiatives and taken our company’s HR to the next level!”

Here are some ways the company has benefited:

  • Streamlined and automated employee onboarding, eliminating piles of paper and duplication of data entry
  • Ability to easily hire remote workers in different states and be in compliance with local and state laws
  • Integrated and automated employee benefits enrollment and administration
  • Review and enhancement of their employee handbook

Hotko estimates the company has saved 12-15 hours a month with the automation they now have in place. isolved HR Services has also eliminated the need for CCS to add a full-time HR professional to their headcount. But perhaps the greatest benefit is allowing CCS’s HR to extend beyond just operational, “The isolved HR Services Team has been our true partner in enabling our business to be more strategic in our approach to HR.”

Staying Ahead of the Curve

When asked how isolved has impacted his business, Hotko’s response is, “Our new hires are impressed with how easy it is to complete all the onboarding documentation and how easy the isolved portal is to use. We’re better protected having an updated employee handbook, especially with everything COVID had to throw at us. We’ve become nimbler at hiring remote employees. And, we’ve had positive feedback from our existing employees as we recently went through our open enrollment all with isolved! We feel we have moved the gauge significantly in our journey towards providing an Extreme Employee Experience.”

Hotko’s vision to enhance the employee experience is because, “our employees are THE most valuable asset of our company, and we treat them accordingly.” He believes isolved is helping them get there. “Our dedicated HR Business Partner listens to us, works to learn about our business and our company in order to provide recommendations and best practices aligned to our vision. Being ahead of the curve on HR trends and what may be coming in terms of new federal, state or local laws helps ensure we have the appropriate policies and practices in place.”

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