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Returning to isolved to Solve Payroll Pains

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Payroll pains can cause a lot of problems – not only for the HR teams tasked with finding and correcting errors, but also for the organization’s employee experience. In fact, a survey of more than 1,000 full-time employees reveals that payroll was rated the top HR activity that needs improvement.

Improving payroll, however, isn’t always an easy task – and City of Monroe, which supports approximately 95 full and part-time employees (as well as 140 seasonal employees), found this out firsthand.

Implementation’s Lasting Impression

City of Monroe knew they needed to upgrade their financial management software, which led them to partnering with Tyler ERP in 2022. During this time, City of Monroe stopped using isolved’s time products with the expectation that their new partnership with Tyler would provide comprehensive support across their organization.

“We left isolved as we began looking for alternative financial management software and were attracted to an all-inclusive software for multiple facets of our organization – payroll, accounts payable, utility billing, financials, etc.” says Brittney Rindy, City Clerk and Treasurer of City of Monroe.

Their new partnership, however, was not long-lasting. After implementation challenges, City of Monroe went back to isolved in December 2022. This time they decided to leverage additional isolved solutions to support their organization.

“We returned to isolved in December 2022 as there were significant issues with the payroll implementation with Tyler, which was very taxing on the staff. We returned to isolved with the plan to also utilize payroll management to support the limited staff we have operating payroll.”

Solving Challenges and Increasing Productivity

With isolved, City of Monroe has been able to streamline payroll and simplify other important tasks, such as tax payments, generating W-2s and other reports. This makes a huge difference for the team’s bandwidth.

“When we transitioned to Tyler, the staff that was already overtaxed on handling payroll had to also process reports, tax payments and more. This led to challenges in meeting deadlines and made us prone to mistakes.”

In fact, it’s estimated that the City of Monroe saves over 40 hours per month on streamlined administrative duties, and could save more than $40,000 in improved productivity within their first year back with isolved.

Maximizing Results with Simple Processes

While City of Monroe’s staff works through the transition back to isolved, Rindy notes her team is looking to maximize the results and benefits isolved can provide. Plus, they plan to simplify other HR experiences as well, including onboarding via self-service functionality.

“We are looking to improve our HR and employee experience by allowing ease of access and support when needed,” says Rindy. “We’re also looking to improve our efficiencies for onboarding, and our resources to onboard. isolved has opportunities for remote onboarding and support for our staff through the process.

Overall, City of Monroe’s move back to isolved has been a positive one, led by a partnership and support that is secure, stable and scalable.

“isolved has been very supportive and quick to respond when issues arise. They strive to create a partnership between our organization and the services that are necessary for our small payroll team and limited staff.”

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