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Case Study > Comprehensive Orthopaedics, S.C.

Orthopedic Practice Finds Timesaving, Experience-Boosting Solutions for Payroll, Benefits and More

Payroll teams of one are common for small to mid-size businesses. While it makes sense for many teams, organizations without strategic administration in place can easily find their small payroll teams getting overwhelmed, pressed for time and at risk of missing potential errors.

When considering that 55% of employees say payroll errors would prompt them to look for a new role, mitigating risk and ensuring smooth processes is a major concern for HR professionals. For Kristin Spiedel, operations manager at Comprehensive Orthopaedics, S.C., looking for streamlined solutions was key. Based in Wisconsin, the orthopedic practice recently managed payroll manually, having tried various, disjointed systems in the past.

“We had changed payroll companies several times.” Spiedel said. “I [knew] that there’s more and better out there.”

In addition to payroll concerns, Spiedel was spending time answering repetitive HR questions and updating employee information since employees didn’t have access to a system with self-service functionality to empower them to update or check information themselves. With 71% of employees desiring self-service at their organizations, providing these tools could improve experience not only for HR administration, but also for the Comprehensive Orthopaedics’ workforce as a whole.

Finding Powerful Solutions

Enter isolved. During the search for a new system, Spiedel and team came across isolved People Cloud™ and discovered opportunities not only for simplifying payroll, but also additional HR tools that could potentially save time, money and enhance experience for their 60 employees.

“It was like, ‘wow, there’s so many different aspects that we could implement that would be so helpful to me in my role,’” Spiedel said. “We thought we’d give it a shot.”

After getting in touch with isolved, Spiedel soon discovered all the integrations possible within isolved People Cloud. With access to this tool, she knew the potential improvements that could be beneficial to her and their staff supervisors.

“They introduced us to all of the features and we realized so much of this could be integrated and a lot less hectic for me, being the only person who handles the employees in that aspect,” Spiedel said.

Investing in Experience

Comprehensive Orthopaedics now uses Payroll, Onboarding, Benefit Open Enrollment, Time & Attendance, 401(k) integration, Performance Management, Learn & Grow and Giving & Volunteering in their suite of solutions within People Cloud. With intelligently connected solutions that are designed to work for their needs, Spiedel and team are already seeing improvements in employee experience and administration processes.

The time and cost-savings and employee satisfaction have been well worth the investment, according to the organization’s Executive Healthcare Administrator Cliff Moudy.

“If you can extrapolate the hourly wage of what you pay staff to do a manual process and compare that to the time that they’re actually going to save, to be honest, I’m saving a ton of money by implementing this system.” Moudy said.

After several months of use, Spiedel has already felt the positive impact of the new systems when processing their biweekly payroll.

“I feel like it takes me 15 minutes to process payroll and it used to take me all morning,” Spiedel said. “That’s been huge.”

Planning for Future Growth

Going forward, Comprehensive Orthopaedics’ next goal is to establish a performance evaluation process that works for them. They hope to provide employee goal tracking and give valuable opportunities for career growth and development. By supporting the development of their workforce, they are on track to keep employees engaged and satisfied in their roles. In fact, 40% of today’s employees say that the ability to monitor and track their own performance helps keep them engaged at work. 

With isolved’s tools and support in place, Spiedel and Moudy have confidence in continuing to streamline their processes and deliver positive experiences for both employees and customers.

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