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For This Benefit Consulting Agency, Partnership Has Its Benefits


Davenport Benefits knows the secret to keeping clients happy. The Texas-based employee benefit consulting agency specializes in creating programs that are designed to lower the cost for the employer while improving benefits for their employees.

Like Davenport Benefits, isolved Benefit Services is committed to delivering outstanding value to employers efficiently and reliably. This synergy makes isolved their logical partner.

Since 2022, Davenport Benefits has been working with isolved to provide its clients with solutions for managing COBRA, ERISA, FMLA and FSA. Before introducing their clients to isolved, some did not have a solution in place while others wanted to improve upon the solution they had, particularly when it came to service.

A Welcome Change

According to Dusty Davenport, Vice President of Davenport Benefits, isolved was a welcome change because “clients have fewer questions and service requests are minimal due to the ease of the products.”

When asked to provide a specific example of isolved’s superior service, Davenport referenced the process of moving clients’ FSAs from another vendor to isolved, “The isolved team provided a very good educational meeting for all staff to understand the process and product use. They made the transition very easy and painless for both the employer and the employee.”

Speaking of the employee, Davenport Benefits’ clients’ workforces have benefitted as well, due to “the streamlined employee experience and education to the employees on the services offered.” In today’s employee-driven job market, companies are prioritizing the employee experience to help them attract and retain top talent. When a trusted business partner, like Davenport Benefits, can help their clients boost the employee experience, then the relationship is strengthened.

A True Partnership

Davenport considers isolved to be a “true partner” and the robust relationship to be the greatest benefit of working with isolved. And he sees the partnership growing and evolving with his client base, “isolved is always willing to help improve and work with our clients’ changing needs.”

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