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isolved Customer and Network Partner Leverages Analytics to Drive Strategic Outcomes

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Dominion Payroll, a leading payroll services provider headquartered in Richmond, Virginia serves clients across the United States with a strong emphasis on personalized service and cutting-edge technology. In fact, as a member of the isolved Network, the technology they provide to their clients is isolved People Cloud. Not only is Dominion Payroll an isolved partner, but they are also an isolved customer.

Dominion Payroll boasts multiple locations and facilities strategically positioned throughout the country to cater to the diverse needs of their expanding client base. With a team of skilled, dedicated professionals, Dominion Payroll has grown steadily and currently employs 225+ full-time and hourly employees who specialize in payroll processing, tax compliance and HR support.

Putting Workforce Metrics to Work

One of isolved’s solutions that Dominion Payroll has been leveraging with great success is Predictive People Analytics (PPA). Prior to PPA, the team was pulling reports from multiple areas and moving the data into spreadsheets to glean trends. According to Shayna Cooke, Vice President Human Capital at Dominion Payroll, her team began using PPA to solve these major pain points:

Tedious Reporting Process: One of their primary challenges was the labor-intensive and time-consuming nature of pulling reports and collating data. With multiple entities and departments to manage, gathering and organizing data from various sources was an all-consuming process. “[PPA] offers real-time or near-real-time insights. This means we can respond quickly to emerging trends or issues, making our decision-making process more agile.” Says Cooke.

Monthly Reporting: One of Cooke’s responsibilities is to provide clarity around people analytics for the owners/partners as regular monthly reporting, which can be a repetitive and resource-intensive process. According to Cooke “PPA automates data collection, analysis, and reporting processes. This saves time and reduces the potential for errors associated with manual data handling.”

Decision-Making: Beyond the operational challenges, the goal is to use this data to inform strategic decision-making. “PPA can help us identify trends, forecast future outcomes, and align our HR and workforce strategies with broader business goals. It empowers us to make decisions based on data and insights rather than guesswork.” remarks Cooke.

Delivering Sophisticated Insights

When asked what she finds most useful about PPA, Cooke struggles to select just one, “Analytics around recruiting, people behavior (tenure and turnover), diversity around race and gender metrics, compensation analysis, and rolling information on hiring and terminations.”

However, she easily identifies her favorite feature, “Hands down, the Dashboard. I love having the data synthesized aesthetically in one place and can be manipulated to reflect any time period that I choose. It also shows up really well on monthly reports!”

Cooke said she recently fielded requests from members of her sales team looking to share with prospective clients the diversity makeup of their company. Today, many companies are evaluating payroll providers based on their approach to diversity and inclusivity in addition to software and price. Thanks to PPA, Cooke says “I was able to quickly provide a comprehensive diversity report that spanned the previous three years to show our growth and commitment in this area of focus for our company. Before PPA, something like this would have taken hours to pull, compile, and report out.”

Enabling Timely HR Interactions

Finally, Cooke sums up her experience with PPA by referencing how it has enhanced HR at her company. “isolved's PPA platform has improved our HR experience by automating data processes, providing real-time insights and enabling data-driven decision-making. It has streamlined reporting, enhanced workforce management and empowered us to proactively address issues, resulting in increased efficiency, employee engagement and strategic HR outcomes.”

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