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How Florida Concerned Care Grew Its Business with isolved and Core Growth Principles

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Just because you are a very small business today, doesn’t mean you will be tomorrow. Peter Snelling, Executive Director at Florida Concerned Care, knows this all too well. When he started his business back in March 2015, he had one employee (who is still with the company today). He grew his business organically and through acquisition, buying into the nationwide Right At Home franchise with great success. It was Snelling’s day-one decisions that enabled his business to scale with his four growth principles: payroll, IT, legal and finance.

“We did some things right from day one that a lot of small businesses don’t do,” said Snelling. “We got a payroll company, we got an IT company even though we only had three computers, we established a relationship with a bank, and we had legal advisory. The decision to do those critical structural components was extremely important to us because we started growing, and we started growing very rapidly.

“Onboarding was also critical to our success. For small businesses, sign up for onboarding. Do it now, don’t wait. Grow with a company like isolved in which you can grow with the solutions that are offered.”

Today, Florida Concerned Care has roughly 300 employees serving greater Tampa Bay, including offices in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Manatee counties. The company continues to grow rapidly with demand for eldercare ready to reach fever pitch.

“There is a tremendous demand for homecare for people to care for their loved ones and to keep them at home,” said Snelling. “Baby Boomers are coming forward very quickly, and the challenge for a business like ours is employee recruitment and retention particularly with rising costs. The COVID pandemic exasperated what was already a challenge in our industry, so we’re looking for creative and concrete ways to recruit and retain.”

To help meet its recruitment and retention needs, Florida Concerned Care works with isolved for payroll, tax, ACA, WOTC, onboarding, time and scheduling – providing a modern and intelligently connected employee experience. Originally, Snelling came to isolved via Network partner HK Payroll which used isolved technology and isolved acquired in 2019.

“In all of my years of business with multiple entities I have never come across a company that delivered better customer service than HK – in my entire career,” said Snelling. “Since the acquisition there has been a number of changes due to isolved’s growth, but I continue to advocate for isolved today for the service I’ve received and the system that works as it should. When I needed instant support with the Paycheck Protection Program and subsequent forgiveness, isolved got me what I needed.

“Another reason I advocate for isolved is its easy integration with Right At Home’s ClearCare software, a scheduling-based system that keeps time and works for employees when they are at a client’s home. It keeps track of individual shifts as we need it to be able to bill clients and tabulate payroll. From there, it’s a very seamless process to get the data into isolved for accurate and on-time payroll, which is extremely important to us.

“Time management from isolved has also been big for us to make PTO a self-service function.”

It’s estimated the self-service nature of isolved People Cloud for Florida Concerned Care’s payroll, time and onboarding saves 8 hours per employee, per month. 

Snelling’s entrepreneurship isn’t done growing. He and his son are starting a home insulation business and taking the same pillars of growth with them.

“Because of the services we’ve received from isolved and the seamless system that works well for us, I’d not only recommend isolved but also use it for my future businesses as well,” said Snelling.

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