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Agility and Speed Lead to Big Savings for Clients and Better Business for Brokers


For brokers managing a sizable book of business, the ability to move fast is a must. Acrisure, (dba GDP Advisors) is an insurance brokerage firm that manages and administers employee benefits.

At its core, they believe that the traditional insurance industry is broken because it prioritizes insurance companies and agents over organizations.

Their vision is to identify, quantify and prioritize the future—not the past. Luckily, they found a kindred spirit in isolved to help them on the journey to keep their clients happy while growing their book of business.

The Journey Begins

Prior to partnering with isolved, GDP Advisors was looking to prove clients with a “more seamless banking process for spending accounts,” according to Janelle Eberly, a Client Executive with the company. They were also looking for a solution that could support a large book of clients—a task that isolved was more than ready to take on.

Savings from the Start

It can take time for brokers to identify savings for their clients. When moving over to isolved in 2019, however, GDP Advisors was able to instantly cut costs. Eberly says, “The initial transition over to isolved did bring a pricing decrease to most of our clients.” The firm currently leverages isolved for support with COBRA, FSA, Dependent Care FSA, HSA and transit benefits.

Speed and Agility

When considering the greatest benefits of partnering with isolved, Eberly mentioned “the easy-to-use systems, the quick quoting process and the easy file feed build.” But it’s the customer service they appreciate the most. Customer service is an important consideration for brokers. In fact, according to our recent broker survey, it’s the top factor when selecting a third-party administrator (TPA). The customer service the company receives from isolved is quick, as they “receive a fast response” when they need one.

The Relationship Continues

Portfolio offering is also important to brokers when vetting TPAs. Seventy-four percent say it’s extremely/very important. Currently, GDP Advisors refers isolved to other brokers because “the amount of products that isolved offers is helpful so we can bundle and consolidate carriers.” And moving forward, Eberly foresees the partnership with isolved growing. “We already have a large majority of our book of business with isolved,” she said. “isolved is our preferred vendor for any client inquiries.”

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