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Leveraging HR Experts to Navigate Regulatory Chaos

Keeping up with federal and local labor laws is a full-time job for employers – especially when their organization operates in a state that’s known for having complex compliance requirements.

To minimize risk and maximize productivity, Mardek Enterprises (DBA Honey Baked Ham) decided to tap into the expertise of isolved HR Services. The family-owned and -operated food retailer boasts four locations in Southern California, with 30 employees that range from salaried full-time to hourly part-time.

Staying Compliant and Boosting Experience

According to CEO of Mardek Enterprises Danielle King, HR was previously managed from the organization’s corporate office with her team looking to labor law newsletters and blogs to gain awareness of new requirements. By taking advantage of isolved HR Services, her team saves up to sixteen hours a month on researching new laws and revising policies. King is now confident they’re remaining compliant and is also able to spend less time managing HR tasks like payroll.

“With four locations spread over 50 miles, we need a provider that can offer the ability to manage payroll and HR from our corporate office. With the constant changes to regulations and labor law in California, it made sense to take advantage of isolved's wide array of HR Services to remain compliant and give our staff the best HR resources and experience we can,” says King. “We also go from 30 staff to upwards of 100 during our peak holiday sales periods of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. isolved makes the addition and subtraction of that number of staff within a short time period easy and much less time-consuming.”

More Time to Focus on Business

Mardek Enterprises also leveraged isolved HR Services for the development of an employee handbook. By trusting isolved with this project, King gained back 25 hours that she used to focus on more strategic initiatives.

“Working with isolved HR Services to create a new employee handbook was simple and time-effective, and knowing it is compliant with all of California's labor laws and will be updated regularly saved me an immense chunk of time and removed worry out of my life,” says King. “This lets me focus on actually running my business, being able to spend more time analyzing reports and executing operations to run more efficiently instead of feeling like I'm a slave to the whims of California's regulatory chaos.”

King says that she’s so confident in isolved HR Services that she rarely thinks about compliance changes or worries that she’s missed something.

“My favorite aspect is how proactive isolved is at reaching out when my input or action is needed, as well as how easy the technology and services are to use.” 

A Digital Future on the Horizon

Looking toward the future, King is leaning on isolved’s software and services to make onboarding completely digital, which will not only save more time for her organization, but also minimize its use of paper.

“My goal for 2023 is to have all staff onboarding be fully digitized so all notices, forms and the handbook are readily available to the staff and their receipt of them is recorded,” says King. “All staff will also have the ability to login to their isolved portal and see these items and answer any questions they have without having to contact me. The amount of management staff time and paper this will save is astounding, even for a small company like ours.”

King also notes that isolved’s capabilities are a game-changer. She can now focus on core responsibilities instead of confirming every new hire’s forms are included, completed correctly, signed and received so that her organization can remain compliant with labor laws.

“I absolutely have recommended isolved to my fellow business owners and the HR component is a large part. I feel sorry for the ones who are stuck with some of the larger, less nimble and intuitive payroll companies.” 

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