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Superior Service + Lower Costs = A Better Book of Business

Hub International

The key to a successful working relationship is the ease of doing business. It's what brokers seek when choosing a third party administrator (TPA). In fact, according to our recent survey, 89 percent of brokers said that customer service is an extremely important factor when vetting TPAs. The right partner makes it easier to build and sustain a solid book of business.

HUB International Gulf South, an employee benefits broker that serves employer groups of all sizes, has been partnering with isolved and referring its services for over 20 years. Prior to isolved, the firm was struggling with COBRA administration and HRA implementations—not to mention reducing employer premium costs. Through best-in-class customer service and significant savings, isolved has made it easy for HUB International Gulf South to keep its clients happy. 

A Strong Relationship

isolved strives to provide superior support. The team assists in finding the services clients need while informing brokers of scheduled releases, new functionality and tools that clients will love. Kelly Jones, a Benefit Consultant with the company, considers the relationship to be the greatest benefit of partnering with isolved. “I absolutely love my sales rep. She will help me anytime,” Jones said.

“A Much Better Price Point”

When it comes to keeping clients pleased, keeping costs low can go a long way. Fifty-four percent of brokers say that price is an extremely important factor in TPA selection. Jones recalled a recent success story made possible with isolved. “A client was faced with a large medical increase. We were able to put in a much higher deductible that reduced the fixed cost (premium) and put in an HRA that made the benefits to employees whole with very little risk to the employer.”

Before introducing clients to isolved, the company’s clients utilized HealthEquity. But as they recently increased their COBRA administrative costs, isolved became the solution of choice for clients.

“A Solid Leader in the Industry”

Working with a trusted partner can enhance client trust—helping further cement the relationship. When asked how her business has been impacted since referring isolved, Jones said “I have a trusted partner that I can confidently tell clients is a solid leader in the industry.” Looking forward, Jones believes the partnership with isolved will continue to grow. “As health insurance premiums continue to rise, isolved is a great resource for HRA implementation.”

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