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Peace of Mind as ROI

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Started in a tractor factory by eight employees, who each put in $50, International Harvester (IH) Mississippi Valley Credit Union got its humble start back in 1934. They wanted a better way to do their banking and decided to form a credit union to do so. Today, IHMVCU is a full-service community credit union servicing 130,000 members in the Midwest.

Like their founders, IHMVCU’s human resources department also wanted to find a better way at managing core processes for its 400-plus employees working in branches, headquarter locations and remotely too.

“We were with a very large well-known competitor, and we really struggled with everything,” said Morgan Dunn, HR manager at IHMVCU. “We struggled from day one with service, with reporting, with tax accuracy. All of the main things that you would want from a system, we struggled with. We were with that other company for five years before finally pulling the plug, because 18 months of that time was spent researching and shopping.”

At the foundation of that research was finding a partner they could trust across software, service, security and scalability.

“If we can't trust our HR system and the function of it, it risks everything,” said Dunn. “It makes it harder on the HR folks and it's difficult on the employees too. We do our best to give our employees the warm-and-fuzzy feeling we give to our members. We have to be able to trust our HR system and be happy with that service.”

What ultimately sold them on isolved were its similar ethos to its own company.

“When we were going through our vendor-selection process, we were down to 2-3 final companies,” said Dunn. “Through that, we felt that isolved matched where we were as a company, meaning we wanted to be a big enough and a powerful enough organization to give our members really good products and services, but still feel like a community credit union where we knew your name.

“I got the same feeling from isolved. isolved is big enough to give us the features we wanted but would still know me when I called. It matched our mission as well.”  

IHMVCU now uses isolved People Cloud for everything from onboarding to payroll. One of the key improvements isolved brought to IHMVCU was invaluable: peace of mind.

“isolved gave us a sense that we could relax,” said Dunn. “We knew when we entered our payroll and it went through their wizard, that it was going to be accurate. I had terrible problems with the tax reporting at our previous vendor. My quarterly packages were wrong every single quarter. 

“When we started with isolved, I would do my normal checks of those quarterly packages, but there were never any errors – ever. I could relax knowing that the service I was paying for was valuable. isolved was doing what they said they would and they were doing it right. This allowed me to focus more on our employee experience, talent acquisition and retention and other core HR areas.”

A key process improvement for IHMVCU has been onboarding and learning. 

“isolved University is amazing,” said Dunn. “New employees can start reading articles and start watching videos. The system is as user friendly for the employee as it is their manager. You don't have to have an advanced degree or a lot of experience to use the system because it is intuitive to use and with lots of resources.”

As isolved rolls out new products and updates, IHMVCU also feels supported in learning about them as well.

“The product just keeps getting better and better,” said Dunn. “isolved gets what it’s like to be an HR generalist or payroll provider or HR manager, whatever it is, because a lot of people who work there are or were practitioners themselves. It is really a breath of fresh air to talk to people who understand.

“I would definitely recommend isolved to anyone who is looking for a system that has variety of features, customization when needed, ease of use and a great experience for your employees – anyone who is looking for a whole package.”

When it comes to ROI, Dunn has one thing to say about that:  

“My sanity is the biggest ROI number I have.”

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