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Partnering with isolved Saves Clients Time and Money

IMA Financial Group

An average broker provides their clients with benefits. An exemplary broker provides their clients with exceptional benefits, while also saving them time and money.

IMA Financial Group, an integrated financial services company, is an example of a brokerage that strives to provide its clients with the latter. isolved was able to help IMA in its quest to delight clients with better benefits offerings.

Offering benefit packages can often come with significant challenges. Prior to partnering with isolved, IMA would often refer clients to a regional benefits provider. Unfortunately, the clients found high deductible plans with no HRA or HSA to assist employees. Not only that, but they also ran into COBRA compliance issues and potential penalties.

To better serve their clients, IMA partnered with isolved seven years ago. Here are just a few of the results of the partnership.

Less Money, Better Benefits

According to Carson Steward, an Associate Account Executive at IMA, prior to isolved “most clients did not have an HSA, FSA, HRA, COBRA or POP plans in place. They were offering medical plans with high deductibles and rates.” However, after partnering with isolved, clients were able to “offer plans with enhanced benefits for a lesser cost.”

Less Busywork, More Time for Clients

Offering better benefits can often be time-consuming. Not with isolved. According to Steward, “Client administrators are no longer having to spend time handling COBRA notices or manual terminations.” A simple, streamlined process can give brokers back significant time on their calendars. When asked the greatest benefit of partnering with isolved, Steward responded, “the simplicity of the process.”

isolved is also able to move quickly for IMA. “I can usually get a quote back on the same day and always get a response from my sales rep the same day. Once the case is sold, I trust isolved to take it from there and ensure implementation is complete.”

Less Stress, Better Results

Steward recounted a recent issue that a client encountered—and the way that isolved delivered. “A client received notice they were being termed by their HRA vendor due to a recent acquisition. isolved stepped in and took the case over mid-year with no problems or issues.”

Moving forward, IMA Financial Group sees its partnership with isolved growing. “We will continue to grow and take on new business that will need solutions that isolved provides.”

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