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Streamlining Hiring and Compliance with On-Demand HR Support

Innovative Counseling Partners

Onboarding is the first impression an employee has with their new organization – and it oftentimes sets the tone for the rest of the employee’s relationship with their employer. In fact, research shows that 51 percent of employees would consider looking for a new job due to a poor onboarding experience.

To improve the experience for new hires and get additional support for tasks like offboarding and I-9 compliance, Innovative Counseling Partners turned to the experts of isolved’s HR Services team. The psychotherapy practice operates six locations in the Chicagoland area, with approximately 50 employees that are nearly evenly split between full-time and part-time. 

Tapping the Expertise of Professionals

According to Jennifer Froemel, CEO, Founder and Therapist at Innovative Counseling Partners, prior to seeking out support from isolved HR Services, the organization was managing challenges on a case-by-case basis.

“Before working with isolved’s HR Services team, we were managing issues as they came up, or as we needed to,” says Froemel. “We decided to leverage the expertise of isolved because we wanted professional assistance and guidance.”

That decision helped Innovative Counseling Partners boost productivity, refine essential HR processes and speed up hiring – all of which made a measurable difference within the organization.

“In addition to help with our onboarding and offboarding processes, we needed to streamline finding new therapists,” says Foremel. “isolved HR Services helped us do just that, along with improving our I-9 process and getting our employee handbook assembled.”

With the added support for hiring, its estimated that isolved helped Innovative Counseling Partners see a 20 percent increase in new candidates, with time-to-hire being reduced by 25 percent.

Smoother Processes and Better Experiences

With isolved’s HR Services team aiding in automating workflows, identifying gaps in processes and providing compliance assistance, Froemel says Innovative Counseling Partners now has formal processes set in place within its HR department.

“Hiring is now a lot smoother. We are not only gathering all the necessary information from applicants, but keeping track of applicants is also much better,” says Froemel. “We also feel like we have HR support from the isolved team whenever we need it.”

Outside of HR Services, Innovative Counseling Partners also uses isolved for its payroll needs. Looking toward the future, Froemel notes that the organization is considering more on-demand support from the isolved HR Services team due to their past successful experiences.

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