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Authorized Stocking Distributor Streamlines Basic HR Tasks and Engages Employees

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Whether it’s a payroll concern, a time and attendance issue, or an employee requesting information, Insulation Supply Company (INSCO) is managing it daily. As an authorized stocking distributor for the industry’s top manufacturers, INSCO remains busy.  They are a small business consisting of 30 employees and two locations. Their workforce is made up of mostly full-time, hourly employees. To manage their business efficiently and provide excellent customer service, they use isolved to help stay on top of their human resources (HR) needs.

Authenticity and customer service help INSCO stay on top

Counterfeit products are sadly quite common in the insulation supply industry. INSCO prides itself on being an authorized supplier. They combat this issue by selling only genuine factory new merchandise and are a safe source for any electronic component. Additionally, they offer not only top-quality products, but award-winning service. With a dedicated staff and superior products, they stand out against the competition. But maintaining this status is no easy feat. 

Customer service is at the core of INSCO’s values. As one of their differentiators, it’s important to provide their customers with top notch care. To do so, they must retain top talent and keep them engaged. With so many day-to-day business priorities though, time is everything. It can be challenging to process payroll efficiently and on time without the proper resources. That’s where isolved comes in.

Payroll simplicity leads to higher employee engagement

Prior to working with isolved, INSCO was working with ADP. There was no dedicated customer service representative for their account, making it difficult to process payroll easily or efficiently. With isolved, they now have their own customer service representative to process payroll on their behalf. This not only saves them time but makes the process much smoother all around according to the company’s Human Resources Manager Sagar Lakhani.

“Having a dedicated customer service specialist that processes payroll accurately and on-time, every time has made the biggest difference in our success with isolved,” said Lakhani.

Making payroll more efficient not only saves time for INSCO, but also allows them to get checks to their employees on time. That’s incredibly important for employee morale and ensuring they feel as valued as they are. In today’s landscape, employee retention is hard enough. INSCO understands this and wants to be able to ensure employee satisfaction.

“The goal is for our employees to see that HR and management are on their side,” said Lakhani.

As a part of that process, Lakhani said that their next goal and investment in their employees would be to be able to offer them more paid time off and raises. It’s very important to INSCO that they continue to grow. Doing so means putting their employees and their overall satisfaction first by offering them an adequate compensation and benefits package. Now that INSCO is working with isolved, they feel that this goal is not only attainable, but within close reach.

Ease of processing saves time and money

isolved offers INSCO a dedicated customer service representative for their account which makes it much easier anytime questions arise, or when a request comes up. There is always someone available to help and take care of challenges on their behalf. This has also helped with ease of payroll processing and has made that process overall much less complicated. Being able to hand over payroll to the isolved team has the potential to lead to savings of:

  • $50,000 over a three-year period
  • Up to 30 hours per pay period

Ultimately, the greatest savings is how this has allowed them to focus on what matters most – their business and their employees. 

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