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Coming Back to Quality Solutions and Service

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It’s not uncommon to consider new vendors from time to time – especially when it comes to technology that supports important tasks like scheduling and payroll. Sometimes curiosity is driven by the desire to try new features, while other times it’s driven by potential cost savings. The decision, however, shouldn’t be made lightly – especially when considering the resources it takes to migrate from one system to another.

Johnson Drug Company realized this after a brief switch from isolved to Paychex that lasted only six months. Johnson Drug Company offers prescription services and durable medical equipment. The organization has three locations located in North Carolina with approximately 26, mostly full-time employees.

A Short Switch

Johnson Drug Company was leveraging isolved for their payroll and time and attendance needs, as well as for tax services and reporting, until the fourth quarter of 2022 – when they decided to try something new.

“We transitioned from isolved to Paychex in October 2022, which was a decision based primarily on cost,” said Diann Casper, Office Manager at Johnson Drug Company. “However, we quickly realized isolved had a better product. Plus the pricing changed – which made it an easy decision to return back.”

Johnson Drug Company returned to isolved in March 2023 and has been welcomed back with prompt service and streamlined processes.

Quality Service and Support

According to Ms. Casper, isolved helped Johnson Drug Company overcome several challenges – particularly when it comes to general ledger and 401(k) reporting.

“Prior to isolved, our reporting tasks were very time consuming. Now my time is freed up because I am no longer doing reports manually. This wouldn’t be possible without isolved,” said Ms. Casper.

Ms. Casper also noted the quality of the product and quick service are two reasons why she’d recommend isolved to others. In fact, the ability to spend less time on not only reporting but also payroll is supporting Johnson Drug Company’s growth, as it enables Ms. Casper to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Within the first year back with isolved, it’s expected that Johnson Drug Company will save four hours per employee per month on tasks like data entry, reporting and payroll, with more than a 100 percent return on their investment.

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