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Nonprofit Streamlines Payroll, HR and So Much More

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Mountainview Nursing Home in Spartanburg, South Carolina is a nonprofit skilled nursing care center, focused first and foremost on caring for their residents. Their business provides care to those who need it, regardless of their ability to pay or the severity of the treatment they need. In fact, they have a sign in front of their facility that says, “Heroes taking care of heroes.”

With nearly 100 employees, it takes a super-powered HR professional like Lisa Corrigan, Mountainview’s HR Administrative Assistant to handle the organization’s payroll and HR tasks. Being able to streamline payroll and HR was an absolute must.

isolved Helps Heroes

When other human capital management (HCM) services failed to live up to their claims and simplify payroll, Mountainview partnered with isolved, says Corrigan.

“isolved offered the services we needed at a great price. It was exactly what we were looking for,” says Corrigan. “And isolved’s customer support team was amazing. They worked with our awesome team to help us transition from our prior provider to isolved. It was simply a smooth and seamless transition.”

Currently Mountainview is leveraging isolved’s HR and Payroll products. Corrigan boasts how much isolved has simplified their processes, namely benefits open enrollment. The time it takes preparing for open enrollment and for the employees to enroll has been cut in half. And that doesn’t even account for the time saved because the process is more accurate. What used to take weeks, has now been cut down to just a week. And the need for human resources support was drastically reduced.

isolved Saves Time

She goes on to stress what a difference this makes in the life of their HR professionals, freeing up their time to take care of employees, who ultimately take care of residents. Heroes taking care of heroes. It’s a full circle.

But that isn’t all that they were able to accomplish with isolved. Payroll has gone completely paperless. “Payroll is so much easier,” Corrigan says. “So much time saved for everyone and so much less stress.”

Rock Star Customer Support

When asked what Corrigan likes the most about isolved, she is quick to answer: customer support.

“The customer support is amazing. The employee benefits portal, which employees access for open enrollment, just can’t be beat. The whole employee adaptive system offers employees greater access to their information, and we couldn’t be happier with it,” says Corrigan.

What is Corrigan’s vision for future of HR and the employee experience at Mountainview? Getting all employee information in one central place such as reviews, disciplinary actions and certifications. And isolved is on it. Corrigan remarks that the ease of the system and the ability to upload information effortlessly into each employee’s profile makes all the difference.

“We want to stay with isolved for the long haul. They’ve made such a positive impact on our HR and our business,” Corrigan was quick to add. “We are now looking at adding even more from isolved.”

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