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Non-profit Adds HR Services to HCM Suite of Solutions

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What do you do when your long-tenured Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) retires? How do you recoup decades of HR experience?

If you are like the International Public Safety and Justice Network (Nlets), you turn to a trusted HR augmentation service to fill the gap.

Nlets serves law enforcement communities every day. They are the premier provider of information services that enable a standardized and integrated system, which allows for the secure exchange of law enforcement, criminal justice and public safety-related information nationwide. To fulfill their mission, it’s not only important that their employees remain engaged and productive, but that the organization mitigates compliance risk.

When Suzanne Church was promoted from Administrative Assistant to HR Manager at Nlets, she knew there would be a learning curve. With 33 years of experience, their former CHRO left big shoes to fill. HR resources like SHRM and the Employers Council are valuable, but they won’t cut it when you’re managing a team of 47, primarily full-time salaried employees.

A Single Solution for All HR Functions

Nlets is no stranger to isolved. The not-for-profit organization began leveraging the People Cloud HCM platform in 2014 to help them hire, onboard, track time and attendance, pay and train their employees. Since then, isolved has saved them time and money due to a decrease in administrative tasks and an increase in efficiency.

Read what Laura Carter, Nlet’s former CHRO, had to say about working with isolved.

isolved was able to integrate Nlet’s HR functions in a single platform, so it made sense to add HR Services to their suite of solutions. According to Church, isolved HR Services was a logical, cost-effective solution. “When our CHRO retired, we knew that the cost to replace her would be great. By utilizing HR Services we were able to promote from within the organization but still have the needed expertise.”

With compliance top of mind, Church turned to isolved HR Services to help with their employee handbook as well perform an HR gap review to identify areas of improvement. During that call, it was revealed that they overlooked having labor law posters for their remote employee posted—something that was easily corrected.

“Having our dedicated HR Business Partner do the initial review showed where we had some deficiencies. Not correcting them could have resulted in negative impacts to our organization.”

The Confidence to Accomplish More

According to Church, isolved HR Services provides the confidence she needs to perform at her best. “I know I am not alone. If there is an issue I have never encountered, I know if I reach out someone will be there to assist me and my organization.” It’s this support that’s helping Church focus on her vision for HR at her company—to continue Nlet’s people-first approach.

“isolved HR Services allows me to spend more time engaging directly with our workforce. Instead of spending an afternoon looking up salary comps, I can have a one-on-one with a new employee.”

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