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Medical Billing Company Re-Establishes Employee Trust in Payroll

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In the bustling world of medical billing, precision and reliability are paramount, especially when it comes to ensuring employee satisfaction through accurate payroll processing. Yet, for Panhandle Medical, a small yet vital player in Pensacola, Florida, the transition from one system to another brought unexpected challenges and a loss of faith among its 17 dedicated team members.

Switching Systems

Enter CoAdQuantum—a promising solution that quickly turned sour. Dana Peeterse, the owner, found herself grappling with myriad of payroll errors, tarnishing the trust painstakingly built within her team. Each payday became a source of frustration, with mistakes piling up and accountability seemingly elusive.

“CoAdQuantum made errors with every payroll they did,” Peeterse said. “They required me to change my pay date to Thursday to guarantee payment by Friday. Every issue was deemed by them as our fault. My employees lost faith that their payroll was being done correctly.”

Prioritizing Employee Experience

Realizing the dire need to prioritize her employees' experiences, Peeterse made a pivotal decision—to return to what worked. With a sense of urgency, Panhandle Medical reverted to isolved, seeking not just a payroll provider, but a partner dedicated to restoring confidence and delivering flawless execution.

Peeterse found the process of transitioning back easy, quick and professional. Panhandle medical now utilizes isolved for payroll and human resources augmentation (i.e., HR Services), assisting with 401(k) and health insurance needs.

“Our payroll is always accurate and timely,” Peeterse said. “All isolved employees work with me on issues. They do not point fingers.”

Building Benefits, Reaching Goals

Going forward, Peeterse hopes to continue running the business with the confidence that payroll is being handled correctly and processing in a timely manner for her team. She also aims to provide excellent employee experience with a seamless open-enrollment process for employees.

She credits isolved for helping Panhandle Medical reach their goals with transparent communication, helpful progress updates and professional customer service.

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