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Originally with a service for payroll processing only, Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center leverages isolved for FMLA Benefit Administration, Payroll, Onboarding, ACA Compliance, Time Management, and improving employee experience.

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What’s your dealbreaker? For Joanne Cochrane, Director of Accounting at Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center, it’s customer service.

“My main concern is always customer service,” said Cochrane. “I want what I want. I am not a difficult customer, but when I want an answer, I don’t want to wait three days for someone to read an email and then get back to me.”

“When isolved acquired PROXUS Payroll, whose team I loved, I was concerned about how it would work. With PROXUS, I could always get my answers and move on. The transition from Proxus to isolved, wasn’t 100 percent smooth at first, but we got there quickly. I get my answers from isolved and move on. 

“Everyone at isolved is always so helpful, nice and pleasant. Anytime I call for help, everyone is very knowledgeable.”

Originally with PROXUS Payroll for only payroll, Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center now leverages isolved for FMLA Benefits, Payroll, Onboarding, Employee Navigator, ACA Compliance/Reporting and Time.

Tax was extremely important to Cochrane’s team as they manage 17 locations across Pennsylvania and New Jersey with tax requirements varying at the county and state level. The company has not received any tax notices, giving Cochrane peace of mind to focus on immense changes to HR.

Cochrane, who leads accounting, HR, benefits, 401K and payroll for the 140 employees at Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center, has been with the company for 28 years. Like many in her role across industries, she has faced more changes during the COVID-19 outbreak than any time in her career.  

"Since the pandemic, it's been difficult to navigate the multiple sick leave and FMLA options,” said Cochrane. “Claims are up well over 1,000 percent. Having isolved has been wonderful to get all my questions answered, ensure compliance and support our employees. Before COVID-19, if we had one FMLA case, it was a big deal. Now we have dozens."

Similar to most brick-and-mortar businesses, the pandemic affected Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center’s workforce.

“When the pandemic first hit in March 2020, we provided our employees the option for voluntary layoffs and a large group took us up on that due to personal circumstances,” said Cochrane. “Others wanted to ride it out as much as we could. During this time, people were still having upper extremity problems. We kept our doors open as much as we could. We moved to telemedicine visits as needed but elective surgeries were canceled for a period of time, and patient volumes overall decreased. 

"We were inundated with processing layoffs, unemployment benefits and COBRA. It was an extremely crazy and stressful time, but our volumes have rebounded, and we have rehired since then. We were able to bring a lot of people back just a few months later. We didn’t have isolved Onboarding at the time, but it would have been very helpful.”

While Cochrane is considering many isolved products, Time was huge for them.

“I was dreading making the change for time and attendance and, for years, I would put it off,” said Cochrane. “When we finally did it, because it was such a big change from our old system, I rolled it out in phases. I started with a test group and got their feedback and then rolled it out one department at a time. I wanted to be immediately available to help our staff with this transition. Department-by-department implementation was much easier for me to manage and proved successful.” 

In their old system, they had to manually track PTO accruals as it had just a basic clock in, clock out functionality.  

“I eventually want everything with isolved,” said Cochrane. “The amount of time isolved has saved me has been immense.”

On average, companies using the same products as Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center can expect the following benefits on isolved over three years – according to a Forrester Total Economic Impact Study™ of isolved People Cloud:

  • Improved HR productivity adds over $248K to the organization’s bottom line.
  • Reduced payroll administration costs saves over $145K.
  • Avoided erroneous benefit payments saves $64K.
  • Accelerated onboarding avoids $60K in paperwork processing time for both new employees and the HR team.
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