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Health Center Eliminates Timecards and Gained Valuable Time

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Patients don’t want to see errors when they see a doctor. Just like employees don’t want to see errors on their paychecks. Unfortunately, payroll inaccuracies are quite common. In fact, 19 percent of employees say payroll is the HR activity that needs the most improvement where they work.

Since 1999, Progressive Community Health Center (Progressive CHC) has provided medical services to low-income communities in the surrounding Milwaukee area through their three locations. With 135 employees, the federally qualified health center works to serve the underfunded and uninsured population. While the majority of staff are hourly, Progressive CHC does employ salaried providers and administrative staff.

From Manual to Modern

Before isolved, Progressive CHC had 54 employees and the only HCM solution was simply themselves. Timecards were tracked down on-site at clinics and often disrupted work. With limited staff and time, the manual timecard tracking left room for errors. Chief Finance Officer, Candice Cole, saw an opportunity to automate processes and began her search for a solution.

Fast forward 17 years, Progressive CHC now leverages an abundance of products like benefits administration, learning management and legal services. However, they’ve reaped the benefits of isolved Time & Labor Management since implementation.  Cole says it cuts manual time costs by 99% and was an instant reward for her growing HR department. “What would typically be a team of four can now be done by one. This alone saves $200K in human capital outside of the 30% market savings.”

Going the Extra Mile

Cole and her team had a list of vendors they vetted, isolved being one of them. While there was a list of static competitors, they came with a high price tag. Cole says there wasn’t an isolved sales pitch that sealed the deal, but rather a sense of community that emulated Progressive CHC’s own mission. “isolved asked how they could help us and that ultimately helped us decide.”

According to Cole, isolved’s customer service sets them apart from competitors, most notably when Progressive CHC implemented isolved Benefit Services into their suite. When issues arose with the vendor interface, the isolved team jumped in. With an encroaching deadline, isolved worked directly with the vendor to ensure I-90s were in on time, and correct. “That was so significant to me – isolved never looks at us like a number. Instead, they treat us like a Fortune 500 Company,” says Cole.

Cole and the Progressive CHC team plan to continue to elevate employee engagement in tandem with their isolved offerings, starting by integrating onboarding. While applicant tracking is already in place, Cole hopes to get new hires acclimated with isolved on day one, familiarizing them with the full isolved experience.

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