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Case Study > Radiology Associates of North Texas

Radiology Associates of North Texas

When a local radiology practice encounters trouble with their TPA, they turn to isolved. 

Radiology Associates of North Texas (RANT), the largest privately owned Radiology practice in the United States, has served North Texas for over 85 years. Working with pediatric hospitals, nuclear medicine centers, heart hospitals and more, they care for the community. To run such a large practice, it takes hundreds of hourly and salary employees with varying schedules. Managing the health benefits for such a team requires working with an efficient health insurance provider.

Working with isolved Saves the Day

In their search for the best solution, RANT decided to work with an independent third-party administrator (TPA) for their health insurance, but soon encountered trouble. Mary Shastid, Total Rewards Manager at RANT said, “We were told by our new TPA that they could manage our COBRA, only to find out 15 days into a new plan year that they could not.” It was then that they turned to their broker for help and were referred to isolved. According to Jennifer Hagen, Chief People Officer at RANT, “We were in a pinch and had to get something in place quickly. isolved was incredibly quick to respond and get the ball rolling.”

It was soon clear to RANT that they could be confident that COBRA was being managed correctly and efficiently. Shastid said, “We don’t have to worry about the timeliness of packets and notifications being sent. The file feed works seamlessly and the availability of packets are pretty quick once the file feed goes over.” Seeing how efficient and fast isolved was to deliver results, they decided to add more solutions than just COBRA. They are now in the process of adding on flexible spending account (FSA) administration to their suite of products.

Service that Makes a Difference

Not only are the offerings important, service has to be top notch to manage COBRA benefits for their employees. RANT has stayed with isolved because, “Your customer service is second to none. The team has met and exceeded my expectations. The website is intuitive and easy to use. Reports are timely and they give us everything we need to maintain the benefit,” Hagen said. Knowing that they can rely on isolved for not just robust offerings, but timely and efficient service has made all the difference.

When asked about the biggest impact isolved has on their business, Hagen recounts the story of a family who benefited from isolved’s timely service. One of their physicians sadly passed away and RANT wanted to subsidize the family’s health benefits as they were getting back on their feet. Fortunately, his dependents were covered under the plan so RANT was able to pay for their benefits for three months as they transitioned to new benefits. The subsidy was easy to set up and the family had no trouble enrolling online. Once the subsidy ended, the notification was sent to the family. The entire transaction was seamless and was one less thing for them to worry about. It’s that level of service that is the most impactful.

Sharing the Positive Impact with Others

When asked if they would recommend isolved to other companies, Shastid said that they would and that, “isolved is always responsive to our needs and offers quick solutions to any issues that present themselves. They have excellent customer service and an effective portal.”

While the service and the impact on the employees has been the greatest ROI for RANT, the numbers don’t hurt either. It’s estimated that isolved has reduced their time spent and paper costs by 50% in a year period. This statistic is telling of the impact isolved has had on the level of service RANT’s HR department has been able to provide to their employees.

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