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Solving HR Equations with Analytics and Community

Roto-Rooter plumbing

The nature of human resources (HR) is neither strictly a science nor an art—it takes a combination of actionable data and empathy. One isolved customer, a Roto-Rooter Plumbing franchise operating out of Oklahoma, was looking to improve the employee experience (EX)through analytics and a thriving community of HR peers and experts. One challenge the company faced was providing a superior EX to approximately 120 employees spread across two locations. A one-size-fits-all approach to HR would be inadequate to meet employee needs and deliver an EX that matters.

Gaining Strength Through Community

In addition to improving strategy with isolved’s solutions, Roto-Rooter's Oklahoma-based  HR team leverages a variety of learning and networking opportunities offered by isolved. This includes being active members of the People Heroes Community—which connects like-minded HR, payroll and benefits professionals in an online setting—as well as attending People Heroes Tour, which provides thought leadership and product tips to local communities across the country.

Jonathan Dorris, who works in HR Support at Roto-Rooter, explains, “After attending isolved’s Dallas People Heroes Tour, I was inspired. I came to the realization that I want to help people within the company I work for. I wanted to improve the employee experience. isolved has hundreds of webinars and courses that have helped me grow into my role as HR support.”

When thinking ahead to achieving the best EX possible, Roto-Rooter believes “isolved is helping us get there by having local events and larger conferences like Connect. These give us the opportunity to hear what is new, what is happening in the work field and how to have a better employee experience.”

Putting Data to Work To Improve Experience and Outcomes

Roto-Rooter's Oklahoma branch had a heap of data at its disposal, but no clear way to transform the information into actionable insights. To solve for this challenge, the organization started leveraging isolved.

“We have been able to improve EX by implementing isolved’s Share & Perform and Predictive People Analytics,” said Jonathan Dorris.

With 90 percent of employees in the United States saying the experience they have as an employee directly impacts the experience they provide customers, enhancing EX has a direct impact on a business’s bottom line. And, through Share & Perform, Roto-Rooter has seen the correlation. By boosting employee engagement, the organization has seen enhancements in customer service as well.

In addition to Share & Perform, Roto-Rooter began leveraging Predictive People Analytics to drive operational efficiency and predict workforce needs by analyzing historic trends overlaying significant events and enabling predictive modeling. Through the power of this artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution, Rooter-Rooter can now utilize metrics to stay one step ahead of trends for things like scheduling, retention and turnover. Think of it as playing chess with analytics to back up your next move.

“With isolved, we’ve saved countless hours. isolved helps us make things run easily and smoothly,” Dorris says.

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