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Leading Manufacturer Empowers Employees, Optimizes Operations by Intelligently Connecting Entire Employee Experience

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When technical textile manufacturer SAERTEX was looking to modernize its employee experience and HR technology stack, it turned to isolved for its ability to intelligently connect: Time, payroll, hiring, onboarding, benefit enrollment/termination, predictive people analytics, learning management and human capital management.

A multi-national business headquartered in Germany with 11 office locations across 9 countries, its U.S. division has 200 employees who are primarily full-time and hourly. Prior to isolved, the company was managing HR and payroll through Excel sheets, Benefitfocus and an outdated payroll company. The technology for the latter was so antiquated that during the implementation of isolved, the HR team had to manually type in every paystub line since the previous vendor couldn’t provide that information in an easy-to-import file.

“We knew we needed a change,” said Stephanie Barrow, Director, Human Resources for SAERTEX. “What ultimately sold us on isolved was the employee and admin interface, the cost, the ease of use and the dedicated service representative.”

SAERTEX immediately saved hours of time, became more organized, and streamlined and eliminated a lot of human error.

“isolved solved all of our challenges for us,” said Barrow. “We went from spending hours a day on administrative work – updating multiple spreadsheets, double checking websites – to relying on a robust system that does what it is designed to do.”

The move to isolved also set up SAERTEX for future success as companywide changes were easy to adapt without the need for manual intervention. This kind of adaptability is why Barrow recommends isolved.

“I’d recommend isolved to my HR peers because they are constantly evolving and adapting to customer needs and current trends,” said Barrow.

As SAERTEX’s U.S. HR department looks to the future, intelligently connecting every corner of EX, for every employee, every time is a top priority.

“The people experience is extremely important to all the decisions we make in HR,” said Barrow. “We want to provide the same people experience for someone in front of a computer as we do those out in the field. isolved Adaptive Employee Experience is helping us get there so every employee can have access to information and the ability to self-serve regardless of what device they are on or their connectivity.

“It's been a culture change from having everything on paper and Excel sheets to empowering employees to go into isolved and make their own updates without having to go through HR. We’re excited for how isolved is empowering our employees and optimizing our operations.”

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