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Nonprofit spends less time on payroll and more time focusing on its core mission.


For some businesses, the only sign of success is profit. For others, success has just as much to do with the community and individuals it supports as the money it brings in.

Meet Skyline Center, Inc. Since 1963, its mission as a nonprofit organization has been to serve the needs of Americans with disabilities. The organization’s Supported Employment Program is designed to equip individuals with enduring support to enable success in a competitive work landscape. Their ultimate goal is to empower people with disabilities to feel comfortable in their communities.

From Manual to Automatic

However, employing approximately 140 employees proved to be a challenge when it came to payroll. Before using isolved, Skyline Center relied on manual processes, even when they used OSAS as their HR software. According to Brandon Rumler, Executive Director at Skyline Center, “We used to have timecards on paper and employees didn’t turn timecards in on time or they weren’t completed with all the right information initially.”

When using OSAS for their payroll needs, meeting weekly payroll dates was a challenge. Now, the organization can seamlessly process payroll on time and focus on its core mission. isolved People Cloud allows Skyline to process payroll in a few clicks—and eliminate the burden of administrative tasks, like calculating liabilities and tax rates. “Switching to isolved made everything more efficient,” Rumler says. isolved’s People Cloud’s fully integrated payroll process can reduce administration costs by more than $145,000 over a 3-year period.

Enabled Self-Service

One of the benefits of working with isolved has been the ability for employees to take charge of their HR needs. Within one solution, employees can manage their schedules, request time off and easily update their personal information—all without the help of the HR team.

While Skyline Center has one primary location, they have over sixty employees who are regularly on the road to serve individuals. isolved People Cloud allows these employees to manage their employee experience from anywhere, anytime. Rumler says that isolved “Gives employees just one place to log in and take care of all aspects of their employment with us, which is really helpful…It’s not only good for the employee, but it saves headaches for HR as well.”

Much More Than Payroll

While the organization initially only used isolved for its payroll capabilities, they have been steadily adding more products over the years. The organization now utilizes isolved’s Adaptive Employee Experience, which maximizes the employee experience and boosts communication and productivity. The solution improved the employee experience for Skyline. According to Rumler, “It’s very helpful to hold an employee’s information for future consideration. If shifts aren’t available now but will be, we can pull that information in the system and contact them later.”

Rumler said he would recommend isolved to others because “You have the gambit of options. From hiring to offboarding—it’s all there.”

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