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Reducing Risk and Increasing Peace of Mind


For companies without a dedicated HR resource, HR augmentation can provide the support they need to perform basic tasks and—perhaps most importantly—mitigate risk. Employment-related lawsuits are at an all-time high and having access to a certified and experienced HR professional to ensure compliance is essential.

SmartPay Solutions, a Connecticut-based provider of software for pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation plans, recognized the need to tighten up their approach to maintaining compliance. With 33 full-time employees in nine different states and no dedicated HR staff member, the FinTech company was relying on management’s prior knowledge and the internet for HR advice. They turned to isolved HR Services to help them navigate new labor laws and refine their processes.

The Cornerstone of Compliance

The employee handbook is the backbone of an organization’s HR infrastructure. It defines the employee/employer relationship, communicates policies and procedures, and serves as critical documentation to demonstrate compliance in the event of a lawsuit.

While a quick google search yields plenty of templates, creating and maintaining one is best left to the professionals. And that’s what SmartPay Solutions did; they utilized isolved HR Services to create a handbook that was customized and compliant. In doing so, they saved 25 hours and lessened their risk for costly litigation. According to Dane Johnston, Controller at SmartPay Solutions they also gained peace of mind, “With isolved, I feel secure in what I’m doing.”

A Solution That Scales

isolved HR Services has helped SmartPay Solutions assure compliance in other areas including tax registration in the states where their employees work, something Johnston considers “a key service.” isolved HR Services has also helped with defining positions and salary benchmarking. “Thanks to isolved, my job descriptions are now accurate and appropriate,” says Johnston.

Johnston’s vision for HR at his company is to be “accurate and compliant.” And isolved HR Services is helping them get there. As they continue to grow and eventually hire a dedicated HR team member, isolved HR Services can help them maximize their efforts and accomplish more with less. Until then, Johnston says isolved is “keeping me on track.”  

Finally, Johnston has this advice for other small businesses, “If you are a small company without a dedicated HR function, isolved HR Services is a great option.”

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